brand floor to join the project more investment advantage? Many novice investors to consult this issue. In fact, the brand in the modern point of view, the project does have a more obvious advantages, specific analysis see below, I hope to help you.

1, risk assessment advantage:

store location plays a vital role for dealers. How about the prospect of joining the brand floor? The company has a professional attitude, and it makes a comprehensive analysis of the flow, the surrounding environment and the development prospects of the dealers. Give the dealer the most valuable advice for the franchisee to make a choice.

2, decoration advantages:

brand floor joining prospect? Store renovation, the store opened to the headquarters for approval, and join the floor provided by company decoration design unified terminal system stores, the company sent experts to supervise and guide the distribution, in headquarters confirmed officially opened.

3, management advantages:

agent qualification management. How about the prospect of joining the brand floor? The company requires that the agent must comply with the company ‘s regulations, and submit the application by the company. After the examination, the agent shall sign the agreement. Identified as a regional agent, the agents in the authorized sales area of the sale of flooring products and the development of two agents and franchise stores. Agents in the agreed area can only sell the company’s products. In principle, do not agree with other brands. Otherwise, the company shall have the right to cancel the.

4, opening support advantages:

each new store opening, the company shall send professional personnel to the scene to assist the shop floor layout, join agents display products, to participate in the opening ceremony.

5, advertising advantage (national, long-term advertising and participate in large fairs):

brand floor to prospect? The company responsible for the national advertising, including television, newspapers, magazines, signs, light boxes, etc. at the same time, sponsorship by the company headquarters approved for regional advertising, the company can bear part of the cost.

6, promotion advantage (Festival and new listing promotion planning, guidance, support):

holidays and new products listed companies have a large number of promotional materials (posters, pop, promotional items, detailed planning, etc.) sent to the shops, and provide sales guidance.

brand to join the project a lot of advantages, if the headquarters of the fly, then join the recommendation

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