is a lot of people who want to start a business, many people want to start to change their present situation, have very strong capital, many people want to change the status of small business, today Xiaobian to recommend a few small business industry prospects, interested do not miss.

color key distribution shop

investment scale: 5000 yuan

project advantages: fashion, colorful, very easy to attract the attention of others, both practical, but also can become an ornament, wear. With a key 5 minutes, training for 3 hours that can master.

crystal flower production sales

investment scale: 8 thousand to 50 thousand yuan

project advantage: DIY, open flower bar, such as the popular moment pottery.

, digital museum

investment scale: 15 thousand yuan

advantages: only one set of porcelain figurines to roast digital printing equipment, a computer, a scanner and a printer, 20 square meters and two stores, 2 employees, processing personnel, no technical requirements, will only need a single computer operation, 3000 yuan of liquidity can be opened.

gift packaging and fragrance packaging

investment scale: chain or agent

project advantages: to provide chain brand authorization, decoration design, business counseling, operational training, promotional posters, membership cards, work clothes, ribbons, wrapping paper, incense, etc..


industry is more than a few small as we recommend, if interested can try this industry, or in the network above to see what other compared with the project, here, Xiaobian wish everyone can succeed, your own business.

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