now society, many young people are through the stall to build up the family fortunes, but in the usual course of street, still need to pay attention to a lot of things, so, what are the best stall time and place


1, time: 5 -8 point. Location: Park Green space. Source: morning exercises for the elderly. Suitable for: fruits and vegetables, old sports products or daily necessities. Note: the price can not be too high, to endure the pain of being hard bargain

2, time: 8 points -10 points. Location: subway entrances, stations, terminals and other traffic arteries. Source: office workers, far walker. For commodities: newspapers, magazines, breakfast. Note: ready to change, the time will not wait for you to go to the store to change

3, time: 10 -12 point. Location: tourist attractions, the downtown business district. Source: tourists, visitors. Suitable for commodities: souvenirs, handicrafts. Note: this time the sale of goods must have a unique

4, time: 12 -13 point. Location: business office area. Source: office workers in the commercial building, noon street shopping. Suitable for goods: lunch boxes, fruits, all kinds of small accessories, women’s products. Note: grade can not be low

5, time: 13 -17 point. Location: where to put love. Source: tourists, idlers. For goods: as long as not banned goods can be sold. Note: at this time buyers are very free, we must do a good job with the buyer’s bid for

6, time: 17 -19 point. Location: station, all kinds of night market stall. Source: home from work, hungry people, the intention to work for the goods: fast dinner, snacks, fruits, jewelry, daily necessities, vegetables. Note: a small climax of the day, go all out, as early as possible to catch up with the location to occupy a favorable position

7, time: 19 -1 point. Location: bars and other places of entertainment, the night market stalls. Source: after dinner stroll along the streets, one night. Suitable for products: daily necessities, women love the cigarette products, * * * *. Note: may be appropriate to improve the price of goods, the crowd at this stage is rich and leisure class

In fact, in the whole process of

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