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regional non official student community, is a non official network of community services and the establishment of college students have a certain area in university based on the specific official or belonging to the official forum of the college students. At present, with the gradual development of the network community, and discuz and phpwind and other open-source community software increasingly perfect, personal Adsense, especially college students, personal webmaster, many people choose to build such a community. Based on this, this article talks about some personal opinions on the regional unofficial college students community.

first: the characteristics of regional unofficial student communities

1. regional. With the gradual maturity of Internet development, the large and complete market positioning is not recognized and accepted more and more. Therefore, the localization of your website in the regional market has become the choice of most of the webmaster. The so-called regional market can be based on a certain region, or can be based on a certain market area. But in fact, most of today’s websites, especially small and medium-sized websites, choose a market area to provide their own network services in a certain area. The regional non official student community and both regional and regional markets, for example, the 27 tower is the Zhengzhou community, the region based on the interactive network of community life platform students in this market area.

2. unofficial. In fact, many university and university student forums are unofficial, but in fact, they must be established under the official mandate, and in the development of the school must have been given certain support. That is to say, even if these forums are not officially sponsored, they are usually subordinate to the authorities. The online community described in this article has no official background from the start.

3. universality. Forums in Colleges and universities generally refer to students serving a specific university, while in a given area, the number of colleges and universities that serve them will increase significantly. That is to say, compared with the University Forum, it has a wide range in target population.

second: the advantages and disadvantages of operating regional unofficial college students community

1. advertising advantages. Under normal circumstances, the region is divided into the main location of the site, more suitable for offline advertising; and the market nature as the main basis for the division of the site, more suitable for advertising alliance. This is because the regional web service in specific regions of the population, can produce extensive influence in the region, and advertisers negotiate offline advertising is much easier; the site located in a specific group of people all over the world, it is difficult to produce regional influence, but by virtue of its flow through the alliance advertising profit. Of course, large portals, e-commerce sites, etc. do not conform to this rule. The unofficial regional college community because of its regional and regional market, which is an advantage in running the region with college students as the service object of an advertiser, but also because of its regional market, advertising is no ground for blame on the alliance. Of course, this >

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