I, like most webmaster, the same simple and persistent, there is a strong and hungry stomach, there are two very God eyes, especially when browsing the web, the efficiency is higher.

was just beginning to know that web production was learned in a book called electronic information in grade two in high school and began to go into ‘research’. Because there is not much opportunity to practice on the computer. In the class to put down the production steps. Other students are playing "landlords", "mine sweeping" or something. And I have been doing the entire class page, in the edit box to enter their own name, and then change the background color, click on the preview, looking at the effect of excitement. In this way, unconsciously, I like the production of web pages, but also in English words to find a relatively good "Web", web production has become one of my hobbies. Because it is in the countryside, come to the school to buy books, small traders will enter the overdue magazine to buy, overdue magazine into cheap, buy also cheap. Everyone is also a student, and he does not care. The same is true of me. When I buy a book, I run downstairs and look for books like "net friend world" and "computer enthusiast". I usually sell it for half a year. No way ah, cheap, 50 percent off, some still quite new, the students see the book for me to sell to see, but a look, see also don’t understand that crustily skin have been watching, a long time will not self. Later sold some pages of the Three Musketeers tutorial books, but also often go to the computer room practice. It was May 2003.

7, August, when I went to the Internet to find free space, domain name, then use Baidu search all the "free space" and "free", finally found the net billion yeah.net two provided free domain name. After the introduction of a website, to foreign websites (websamba.com) to apply for 30MB space, but also tasted the taste of "home network" taste.

, I’m still crazy about computer books when I’m near college entrance exams. In August 04, I came to a private university in Beijing to study computer applications. Now think about a little regret, it is better to learn e-commerce, not for other, but e-commerce, web production courses.

made a long journey, broadened his horizon, and felt very happy. On my first Sunday in college, I couldn’t wait to go around Zhongguancun and ask the taxi driver how to get to Zhongguancun at the gate. Later, I was sent to Zhongguancun biology Park, I was dizzy. At that time, I was really depressed, but I met a young man who was going to Zhongguancun. I was waiting for the bus with him beside the bus license. In a short while to Zhongguancun, the fare is 1 yuan. I later learned that the day to go to Zhongguancun detours, spent more than 6 dollars, went to Zhongguancun stroll around the electronic market, the heart is also stable. Start studying hard, web authoring. In the freshman year, after class, I ran to the school’s No. 7 computer room. I had to go two or three times a day. I began to look for information and collect things on the Internet

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