Internet itself is an international thing, from abroad to China, China’s Internet business began to develop slowly. And now, China’s Internet industry is not confined to the domestic, more and more internationalized.

Adsense industry is no new industry, the competition in the webmaster industry is also daily intense. Many webmaster should continue to charge for themselves, learning network language and website optimization. At the same time, many of the latest and most hot news are published on foreign websites. If you want to know the earliest and earliest consultation and information, you will need to visit the websites abroad to collect English articles.

But the face of

English, many webmaster is dazed, don’t know what it is, but as the authority of the network language or website optimization about the book is English version, the webmaster want to charge, but for such a strange language that caught on the pace, so that they can not move on.

but now the network is developed, as long as the input English online translation can quickly translate into Chinese, is the webmaster charging language and learning network optimization, the best tool for the acquisition of English partners. On the network, there are many online translation site,, Yang Yang, take a few more well-known online translation site, I hope the webmaster in charge of the road to find their own translation tools.

some of the more famous online translation sites are:

1, Google translation,

2, YAHOO translation,

3, Hai CI translation

4, Windows Live Online Translation

5, iCIBA

6, wood fish online translation

7, Gu word online dictionary

1, word translation comparison.

word translation, mainly daily language, professional terminology and network language three. The overall online translation, everyday language and terminology translation results are accurate, but for some popular network new words, good words and wood Google, sea fish translation effect, others are unable to correct translation.


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