as a website, especially e-commerce sites, analyzes all operating data, to find ways to continue to improve traffic, increase conversion, and enhance brand awareness. So, the website which requires analysis of technical indicators, as long as the views, IP enough, what data to help increase website traffic? Today, Q pig share is, what are the website analysis important technical indicators.

special note, as Baidu’s dominance in the domestic search market, the text of the statistical tools mentioned, naturally Baidu statistics based.

index 1, browser PV

definition: page browsing is PV (Page View), refers to all users browse the sum of pages, an independent user every open a page is recorded 1 times.

analysis: the total amount of web browsing can be used to assess the user’s interest in the website, just as the ratings are for television. But for the website operators, more importantly, views of each column, from the search engine to the site, where a page to browse the site of the largest amount of contribution, statistical tools provided by Baidu, you can obviously see that the search term, and through the search word browse the website how many page, the ratio of total pageviews.

from this table, you can very well determine the keyword contribution to the site, and then combined with keywords ranking, you can very clearly determine the user’s interest in the site. Through the site title setting adjustment, combined with user access, browse, keyword ranking and other factors, you can clear what users are more interested in the long tail keywords, more desire to click.

index 2, number of visitors UV (including new visitors, new visitors ratio)

definition: the number of visitors (UV), that is, the number of unique visitors, the number of independent visitors within one day (based on Cookie), within one day, the same visitor repeatedly access the site, only 1 visitors.

analysis: in statistical tools, we can often see that the number of independent visitors and IP numbers is different, and that the number of independent visitors is more than the number of IP. That’s because at the same IP address, there may be many computers used together, which are believed to be very common.

there is a situation in which the same computer, the user clears the cache, the use of 360 tools, cookie will be deleted, so after a period of time, the user enters the website using the computer, so that access to UV is to add a number of.

even so, the number of visitors can also some extent indicate how many users have access to the web site, combined with the total amount of view, you can calculate the average access to each user’s page.

of course, for website statistics, another indicator of the number of visitors to note is the number of new visitors, and new visitor data can be >

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