received an e-mail from the user, the question is generally said, how should I go to operate the Q & a community? Here, according to their own experience, gossip about this friend’s doubts!


I know the question and answer community

Q & a community, why we called the Q & a community? We literally can be roughly divided into 1. ask /2. answer /3. community! So it is very easy to understand, want answers community success must have two main factors, 2, 1 people ask someone answer 1. someone asks

said here was someone asked, is not to say that all people in question some boring gossip! Social quiz in the operation of someone asked: but some questions, and this problem can remind users to answer


2., someone answers

same, there’s someone here who doesn’t answer as much as Baidu knows. "You’re not Baidu, and you’re just going to die," we say. Refers to the user to answer questions, high participation, high quality of answer content,

two, the cultivation of seed users

what is the seed user? The article in front of Maas also says a lot, let’s say it roughly here,


you like a few dozen users can be called seed users? Depending on the not so! We should have the choice of seed users roughly the following requirements

1. strong appeal: the user’s more fans, the better! The more fans, the stronger the ability to spread!


2. active: Yes, you pulled a Andy Lau, but Andy Lau basically no longer speak in your community, and basically do not interact with people, so that is not,


3. high quality: what is the quality? Answers community user quality, Maas also gave him two! 1, the user can often love question! II, to high quality content, answer the user’s question! This is one of the two points, meet a little, Maas thought he is the high quality of the user


three, Q & a community promotion

domestic question and answer community benchmark, Maas think is: know about. And know is how developed? Is the same as the seed users know early week source and several friends interactive quiz community, then this one batch of high quality seeds slowly led to the friends of user participation! And friends of friends bring other friends to participate, gradually formed the current knowledge on


in fact, there are friends who pay attention to observation, you can find, almost never done any promotion marketing means. Most of the users are from word of mouth, content dissemination, but the so-called "do not have time to work!"


, then, argues that there are two core marketing campaigns in the question and answer community: 1, >

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