some people begin to do before the planned day advertising revenue for up to a few digits on the website, but the real owners when a few years later, only to find the money and went straight to the station as soon diverted. The real webmaster is actually sitting, you can sit in front of the computer until dawn. Why? One sentence: interest dictates. Real webmaster must have a strong desire to express, he is through this media to express some kind of voice.

but if the interest into silver, it is natural that a piece of music in the suffering of plum. Have a feeling: now personal website even if do thousands of flow, advertising price low estimate, and whether it is such a low price, or no one would like to. This reminds me of the stall, I used to put a stall, there is a profound understanding, and good things to get on the stall, do not want to sell a good price.

, we make a conscious effort. How can a website built with sweat and time become a street vendor? Make sure. Think about it, in the Sina home page in the location within a 10 word advertising, you know how much money a month? Yes, is 30 thousand, not with the discount, to our Internet into 30 pieces, with a counter-offer, right? What in the world? People who never advertising empty, my mom asked dad why advertising support does not sell? (rich information network) is not a


the author talks about one thing about himself:

first, establish their own image of the website, I’ve seen a lot of personal websites, do very successful, also do not ye, the success of the site has some similarities, unsuccessful sites also have something in common. My first point, speaking from the outside to the inside, no successful websites generally do not pay attention to appearance, not glorify myself, the first feeling is to open the station into the grocery store instead of large shopping malls, the layout of the site is very chaotic, everywhere flashing, advertising are faster than those who flash. A good web site is basically quieter in the first place, or flash, which is expressed in some beautiful ways. The author thinks that a website does not pay attention to appearance not, like people for the first time in your station will give people a good impression, you once you see beauty is jealous, is the same reason.

second, let’s say the inner ones, and I don’t want to say anything more, because everyone says they want to do the work well. That’s the basis. This is right, and the content should be done well and must be done well. What is good? Why people love on your site, your site is full of gold? Everywhere is gold website can do, can do a little light really good, rich information network actually looks around to see the best is the original "world wealth", people to get rich information on the Internet, and ran to the things to come, this is like a lobster shop to Xuyi, what you can eat, but to the people is not meant for you to store the cucumber fried egg, is directed at people that a dish you go, of course, since come, will be more.

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