I was a net touch earlier, and I started playing blind. I got a chance to see the free home page. I applied, set up – add content! (I have a website!). Life everywhere to show off the eight level domain rotten! But not a week away! But feel I will do! (Penfan it) alone website really help me a lot, I also used to chase the girls! I want to do! (N money thing)


to tell you the truth, I’m one of the worst N webmasters, and technology doesn’t work. Only fantasy. So I bought the space and bought the domain name. Www.****, com AD wrote not afraid to say oh, upload PowerEasy ZhengZhan template, add articles, (I have a website) the first sentence is what friends? Do you have a website. Numb…

so I want to say that website is not a temporary interest, it must be persistent. A website as long as 2 years of updates will be harvested, a theme, a group of people, is what we have to do, you know, your station is what to see the crowd. The webmaster, the teacher, the farmer, the plug-in, the novel, the promotion… If you can catch somebody, you’re successful!


as I do cooking dishes not website enthusiasts, you at least 10 days planning (so few) you say do you stand it? First in Admin5,

im286 soak for a while, learn to do it again, don’t even end up with pseudo static, what is MIME type, what is SEO, what is?…… Don’t understand! Ask Baidu more,


finally, according to the international practice, I now talk station www.m5678.cn courseware very dish free download station, that day according to figure wangdage said something meaningful and important things, such as today to solve the template, do promotion tomorrow, every day has a purpose. Or, at night, think about the meaningful things you’ve done today. Websites don’t happen overnight. The website is the crystallization of day by day.

remember, haste makes waste. Long persistence is the king of the website! Welcome to help me spread my little station!


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