October 5th server relocation, IP replacement, while this time, I also changed the program, the afternoon of the 6, the server returned to normal, I stop – fly off BT network was established, re tying rice, because of changing the program, but also to collect the data, 7 noon, the site is back to normal. Although IP than before down a bit, but I’m not rely on search to IP, but not the loss, before 4000IP, for IP and server program, 3000IP, their efforts in two days can flow up, not too much. Who knows second days is 8, a terrible thing happened, I use 51LA to look at the statistics, yesterday morning traffic and SEO data, has become a habit, when I SEO data, Baidu included: 0, when the head is big, is K? I have no cheat!? go to the Baidu site, a page, and ask a few friends, are said to be K, how can this do? Although I am not all rely on search traffic, but K is not a good thing, I also want to rely on a day after Baidu to bring 5000IP to me this. Is all over. Think about how you can fix it. Find the reason for K first, and feel the reason for three. 1, the server for IP 2, frequent change program (two months I changed three times) 3, friendship connection

If the

is because the server for IP and frequent exchange program, I have no way, then change back is the program may not be able to be released, check the friendship connection, do 7 connections, one of which is K, it is because of him, seize the time to put the connection delete. Go to Baidu included a look at others K is how to get it, don’t know, a look surprised, had so many blocked station, Post Bar request unblocking post is really innumerable, otherwise, I also request a post? Look at the post request useless again. So look at some time for post, look at their station, September, October issued a request for releasing the post, there is no closed, see about 20, are the same, then thought: request is useless, well, anyway, do stand components. No Baidu, I can still live. Try to update the website.

on the second day (December 9th) morning, as usual, see yesterday’s traffic and SEO data, the SEO data, Baidu included: 17, happy, and received, ha ha ~ ~ to share this good news to a friend.

today, December 10th, at SEO, Baidu included: 38600, it is now think, reason is tread on air, seal may be connected to a K station, I fortunately found early, timely deleted, or maybe now or 0


below to feel their own seal after the solution to everyone to share, I do not know whether it is really useful, we try it;

1, blocked for the first time, find the reason, find out after the clutch

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