because of the special environment China, China personal webmaster can say with Chinese Internet together, the Internet has doomed to self into the Chinese is closely linked with the individual owners can not be separated, the Internet 10 years cast beyond count personal webmaster, in the Internet life Amoy first pot of gold brilliant Tengda finally from the Internet personal webmaster Li Xingping, A Fei, also be too numerous to enumerate, Cai Wensheng, king of individual stationmaster’s "grassroots hero", and China Internet but also because of the popularity of "grassroots heroes" to more exciting Chinese Internet are inextricably linked with the "grassroots heroes".

10 years in the rapid development of Internet Chinese, Chinese Internet through dozens of related standards and regulations reform also gradually introduced the Internet Chinese toward legal and normative direction forward, 10 years ago Chinese network environment and 10 years later cannot be mention in the same breath, different Internet environment brings new challenges to individual stationmaster, if you cannot face personal webmaster and timely solve the difficult problem of the road will be very difficult. Here from several aspects of the brief analysis, personal Adsense will face several fatal problems.

1. search engine reform will lead to more difficult personal website traffic

internet professionals are aware of traffic to a website is very important, although in recent years, the user is the site of the basic site but from a practical point of view the flow is still a decisive factor leading website ranking and visibility of the site and site traffic and revenue, the site can long-term stability and development are closely related. Individual stationmaster funds due to thin limited energy coupled with no special statistical advertising effect of many factors such as the vast majority have no active promotion so personal website traffic basically rely on search engines and single antecedents.

In recent years,

search engine changing algorithm is a search engine due to increased competition in the market, Microsoft, Google, Google, soso and Youdao killer, forcing the old search engine original reform, on the other hand, in order to meet the growing needs of users and gradually mature, the search engine on the web the website included and ranking have more stringent requirements of personal website without excellent content is difficult to have good rankings to get traffic from search engines will be less and less.

The other one is

assumptions in the next few years rely on QQ started from the Google search Tencent timely launched its own search, Baidu will also be incorporated into the Google users can own ranking of search results, the function of both for the promotion of Baidu Baidu HI or QQ users to prepare against Tencent on search are beneficial and harmless is more important the development of a large extent blocking spam sites, if you do not want to perfect the content of personal site from search engines to get traffic will be extremely difficult.

2., the introduction of Internet related regulations and copyright awareness continues to increase

land from the Internet, China to the development of 1>

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