as countries pay more attention to the communication network security, 2012 the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region communications authority stipulates that no "enterprise and personal authentication network communication security administrator", will not be able to record ICP. Enterprises and individuals that already have records will be faced with the danger of shutting down websites if they are investigated and punished.

How to obtain the

certification? What are the policies and regulations to obtain this certification? Same as the day before the webmaster, webmaster friends concern, Ms. Yan Xinjiang Urumqi special advisory letter Ministry of communications industry occupation skill identification center. Ms. Yan to webmaster concerns, patience and enthusiasm to do the answer. The following is part of the transcript:

1. author (hereinafter referred to as pen): a certification can only be a website for the record, or a certification can be filed for multiple sites,

Ms. Yan (hereinafter referred to as Yan): each webmaster can only pass a "network communication security administrator" certification, the certification can only correspond to a web site (domain name). As a result of the implementation of the certificate system, therefore, if a company has 3 websites, then at least less than 3 certified personnel.

2. pen: now there is a record site, but also need to have documented personnel,


Yan: because the site is required to review the record, and if the site in the review found undocumented posts, will be canceled for the record, and shut down the site processing, until all the procedures completed. So I hope the majority of webmaster can cause sufficient attention to this card.

3.: in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Information Industry Bureau official website, we see the certification for primary and intermediate, two levels of certification of qualifications and engaged in this occupation period made clear requirements, but in the actual application, this is also very strict requirements of


Yan: in the strict sense, it is necessary to carry these materials and certificates. If some diplomas or diplomas are temporarily unavailable, they may be postponed or postponed, and may be submitted for registration and examination.

4. pen: now has been carried out to the fourth phase of certification training, can you disclose the current pass rate?

Yan: at least 80% of the above, but also depends on the specific circumstances.

5. pen: if the researchers are not in Urumqi, there are agents in the local


Yan: maybe later, but we can only get the certification from all of Xinjiang.

6.: what does the exam include?

Yan: the main contents are: network information security policy and regulations implementation; Network Security Bulletin; network security; network security and defense technology and network information security cases.

7.: is the certification recognized by Xinjiang or nationally recognized?


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