website on-line for a long time, there have been four keywords to do Baidu first page, and now, a ranking does not. Experienced a lot of problems, and now with comments on my efforts to do the following, I think the most critical reason and solution is the three members: do not believe tears, we together very well, lixiaoyao1104 mentioned.

The definition of

1, site title: definition of lack of popular keywords, the title of the page only defines a website design tutorial this keyword; solution: after a period of time, increase the definition of popular search keywords.

2, the chain construction: if your site is a business MP3 website, you is the name of the XX MP3 network, you release a new MP3 news today, such as the subject is "XX MP3" when lightning today, reports the MP3 of your article, if there was a certain brand of MP3 words, you put the MP3 link to your website a certain brand of the brand MP3 column or a model of the brand MP3 introduced; when there is a mall name, took him to the station all your chain mall column or, a related product of the introduction of new shopping malls, or even directly to him to the official website.

3, Links: you need to increase your friendship connection, you need to remove the Baidu and Google links, is not to say that your connection link station, they will be on your site friendly, you need to exchange some links, it is best to high quality connection.

4, website page too many advertisements, article three or four advertisements around them, this feeling is not caused to the user in the content but watching ads on your site, so your site within the pages of content accounted for not dominate. So, when you do the information supply station, the definition of advertising must be reasonable. As long as there is traffic, there will be click.

5, increase website viscosity: add some interactive, instant elements. What forums, questions and answers?.

6, the problem of poor site space, the recent network storm period, and so on after this time, I think it should be stabilized. So, after doing the website again, must choose the domain name and space. Stability is an overwhelming problem. feeds.

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