new local forum on the line for third days, although Baidu has not included, but IP has exceeded two hundred, following after, veteran don’t joke.

Two days ago I

registered a domain name for the local place, such as the COM domain name has been registered, found that.La is not registered, quickly registered down. Get ready for a local station. Our small town, Xiaoshan, was originally city level, but later planned to Hangzhou. Had intended to do local classification information station, but with its own technology Co. and forced the money bought the program, so it is decided to use DZ to set up a Xiaoshan forum, a forum is easy to gather popularity, such as the popular forum the other content is not difficult to do. Because the domain name is, so the name is "Xiaoshan forum".

below tell me what I have done these two days, BBS is the day before yesterday on the line, because previously did not use DZ, or encountered a lot of trouble, but all from the DZ official found a solution. Local forum forum is indeed a headache, here I used a method of forum of some of the more successful place, but their plates are many, I just started not what a sudden out of popularity, so many pages must not, so only built some relatively important forum. There is little time spent doing a logo, a little ugly don’t laugh at me, basically the time spent on the top of yesterday. These are skipped.

about the main propaganda, I think no matter what the forum has just started is very difficult, and the station is not the same, the forum needs to be interactive, so many webmaster forum and I do like your registered a lot of vest, vest and each took turns, also used the beauty of people, a lot of looks the real photos on the album member section, but no one knows the real you stand again also nobody see, then I will use a great local search QQ group, QQ group to join the group in advanced search, the aim of the course is to advertise, several group announcements are still one of the ads, to the main point good for fee. So IP slowly came, of course those who only talk QQ guys rarely know this stuff only by the forum, QQ group is not enough, I went to several local popular popularity forum post, not AD paste, at least not look more like AD paste, paste the hype. Then left a link to the forum, so far, today’s IP has exceeded 200, although very few, but for a 3 day new forum, population about 1000000 of the local forum is also pretty good.

then I’m going to do my own ghost system disk, change the default home page and some links to my forum address, and set up a download area in the forum for users to download. Because I do network management in local enterprises, so whether it is business or a lot of neighborhood friends are looking for me to install the system, or with me to get the disk, I think this also has a certain role in publicity. It should be interesting to see.


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