1. What is a social question and answer service


the so-called social quiz website, personal understanding, inquiry platform established, depends more on social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter etc.), the social network based on the one hand, to find the right person to answer questions through the interpersonal relationship network, on the other hand can also be through the way of socialization, let the user can know more about common topics of interest to people, and found these people pay more attention to the topic of interest / problem based on the socialization of knowledge and the formation of the community.


and existed before compared to the social question and answer the most important feature is the socialization, more emphasis on people in answer to the question of the value of the best answer, with a more 2 ways to find problems such as: Digg, Wiki, attention mechanism etc..

The value of

two and social question and answer service

In fact, the Internet

had quiz website, this site also has been done before is summarized, such as Yahoo Answer, Google Answer, Baidu know and so on, of course like Google Answer has been shut down, Baidu know at home is very fire, but in general, these early quiz site is to provide a let users the user can ask questions, and to answer the question of the platform, not stressed or relationship inside the value of this process. The development of social networking this year, especially after the advent of Quora, has led to a better understanding of the social question and answer service. A simple analysis of Quora can also give you a better understanding of the value of social question and answer service.

sees the value of social question and answer from the product features of Quora:

1. presents the problem in NewsFeed: the core elements that make up the Quora: questions, people, topics. In Quora, users can follow other users, users can also be concerned with the topic, we know twitter, one-way attention so that the speed of information dissemination is greatly improved, while Quora is the same, pay attention to the issue of the mechanism will spread faster and also more easy to let people know the answer of the question to answer the problem. Focusing on issues and topics also makes it easier for users to accumulate knowledge and make it easier for users to communicate with each other. 2. recommendation and recommendation based on the topic: the mechanism through this quiz, allowing users to easily on the problem at the same time also can expand the circle of people, and these relationships are based on problems, this topic, on the formation of a recommendation based on interest. Interest based social development. 3. better Crowdsourcing: Web2.0 times we say users to contribute content, and Quora is clearly a step closer to the user can answer to the question of cooperation, can Digg or wiki form to get the best answer. Allow users to group >

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