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line brand hastened the development of many commercial brands online channels, actively looking for a downward channel, the rebate intention and offline store launched the rebate card, online shopping and offline credit card, travel and other fields of the rebate group purchase service for users, similar to Lotte R-Point Card, in the domestic business environment is so complex next, the rebate card can achieve a card general



domestic electricity supplier, the most promising than Jingdong and Ali game, Alibaba to open as a logic to build ecology, Jingdong to value chain integration model to control ecology. After the listing of Jingdong is jointly Tencent, with WeChat entrance for Taobao’s resources, and Ali with its own advantages in the payment, financing, micro loans are far ahead. In the face of the city’s electricity supplier dividend gradually reduced, with 900 million people in the rural electricity supplier battle is staged, both sides pay attention to fast, accurate and ruthless. In the big two when the war was going on, with beautiful shopping guide said, electricity supplier, as the representative of the rebate network is also trying to break the siege, to establish their own closed-loop ecosystem.

earlier this year, beauty said low-key launch of the original fashion brand MUA, trying to turn the water after the C2C test B2C. Despite the Tencent help in times of crisis, compared to the Jingdong, the beauty does not seem to have received much practical help from the Tencent support. Said the number of businesses, actively expand the launch of own brand in the beautiful, the choice is a "recovery" of the road, to the transformation of the former feature of "small is beautiful" continue to develop, intensive and meticulous farming in market segments.

and beautiful say, different, rebate network still adhere to the third party shopping guide platform, to the advantages of online integration to the line, in order to promote the brand "go to the net"".

channel based business platform, offline transition will not touch the vested interests of market participants

rebate network was established in 2006, 2010 by Qiming venture capital and Disney’s investment in mind Wei 1000W A round of dollars, the beginning of this year to complete the SIG 2000W U. S. dollars B round.

brings users to platform partners, which is the core business of rebate network:

consumers in rebate network into other platforms or brand shop shopping, these platform providers or shops, to rebate network pay a certain fee, generally refers to marketing costs. The rebate network will be part of the marketing costs returned to the user, and then leave part of their own. Return to the user is the user’s rebate, their stay is the commercial source of profit.

now with the traditional line brand quickly develop online channels, but many electricity supplier brands are actively looking for a downward channel, the rebate also added to this line under the tide, intention and the line store jointly launched the rebate card, providing coverage for online shopping, credit card, insurance, housing finance field Car Buying, travel group purchase line rebate for user >

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