I remember very well that during the first few months of my freshman year, I had always wanted to make a website of my own,


because I am learning computer application technology, so the computer is still relatively favorite. However, for the establishment of the site, it is not touched (just in the second grade contact two level domain name, set up their own web site, but high three have no time management).

, but this idea really changed me. He’s my obsession with the Internet, obsessed with building personal websites. Although my classmates were surprised by my idea (I was told that I was ridiculous and didn’t support my idea), I still wanted to go the way I was going. Although the ups and downs are full of challenges, I’m sure I’ll prove myself right some day.

so I started collecting information online. Most of the preparatory work before the site, such as personal web site, you must first register a domain name, buy a space and the like. The most important problem is that I didn’t learn DW. It took me a lot of time to study, but in two months I was able to handle the Marx process easily. At first I didn’t know anything about source code, but I said it, but I didn’t know what it was. I support websites that are divided into static and dynamic. At first, I used DW to make more than 200 static pages myself (now I think it’s silly), but the accumulation of experience is my continuous progress.

after the establishment of the site prepared to work, I will put my heart and soul into the (I am learning side, get web site, tired ah), but this summer I know the source code, I began to use other people’s source code. (after all, people have good background) to do my first animation website, so the choice of MM cartoon network program [by Marx] program revision comes at the time that is ASP, because this program and I had no business space greatly fast. Because the ASP program must have FSO privileges, but I bought the Almighty space should be available. But the consequences are not, the space that my program has occupied cpu100% (what rubbish host can occupy 100%) then I slowly began to explore, because I lost the cartoon network and video website should not have what difference. So, in just a few weeks, I turned the style of the website to the video site. OK, I’m using Marx’s program. But I’m a newbie, and I don’t know very well about the program. But we learned C c++ VB, I think the code should be about the same, so I test it slowly. Sure enough, the program turned out that I could still read a little. I registered a number at the Marx forum and started talking to them. At first the forum was in a good atmosphere (that’s because it was called the Marx forum, but it was commercially acquired later). Although my site is a small site, but as long as the intentions, you can certainly do a good job. I haven’t written any articles recently. I’ll be sophomore soon. I don’t have the time. If Marx’s program is discussed, you can come here, http:>

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