hacker, a very mysterious name, always came and went without a trace, often cause no effect can be estimated and the loss to the internet. No one knows which network will be the next one to be attacked. Recently the Internet storm frequency, hacking occurred, we do not know the hacking is spontaneous or organized, but mysterious hackers, or get jittery.

Baidu encyclopedia explains of hackers, hackers (hacker) is a love to challenge the limit with mental intelligence through creative methods, especially in their areas of interest, such as computer programming or electrical engineering. The term "hacker" refers to a computer expert who is enthusiastic about computer technology, especially the programming staff. However, hackers who are exposed to the Internet are not all true hackers. They often take advantage of their own interests, ignore the vast numbers of users, or illegally amass money or just show off their abilities.

perhaps the real hacker is disdain to let everyone know his existence, rather than the real hacker, but hope to attract attention of all, of course, hope to be able to benefit. The hacker in this article is the latter.

Without borders

hacking, no geographical and space constraints, stationmaster net admin5.com news "166 thousand" broiler computer "involved in cyber attacks against South Korea", "Turkey embassy" again by the black hacker spoof ingredients more than warning ", hacker attacks in other countries is a recent hot news network, we don’t know who the hacker, is out of the" love of the motherland "for hacking obsession, also did not know that these attacks are authorized, or spontaneous, but it can be seen that in addition to the impact on the local national people network, does not seem to cause other positive effects.

people of hackers curious, Hacker News often appear in the media, some called a "most Belle hacker" title of the article is often subject to extraordinary attention, "hacking" what is the nature of the behavior, the law has not been clearly defined, is still in the stage of the mysterious hacker, the product is not the "sunshine next, we do not know what the future law will give guidance.

from "519 broken net case solved: Youth spend 280 thousand rent 81 Taiwan PW attack" article can see 519 network blocking events, is the young people conscious of network attack "hacking", also don’t know this behavior will be subject to legal penalties related to what, after all departments have been involved in this event. In addition, the use of hacking is money, the law does not allow the sale, such as hacking software, hackers apprentice teaching technology, to decipher the password and other means of illegal money. Many hackers earn considerable, which also attracts more and more people to join the ranks of hackers.

some webmasters complain that their websites have been attacked by some hackers, resulting in heavy losses and bad consequences. The ranks of hackers >

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