observation of some of the better developed sites, it is not difficult to develop, where the user’s viscosity is very high. This indirectly reflects that the higher the viscosity of the user, the more valuable the site is. So, how to train customers on the viscosity of the site, increasing the long-term visitors? The following author has three suggestions for readers, friends reference,

1, the content should have the value of existence

The content that

website provides is the demand of the user, just have its value to show. Imagine that a user enters a website to get the information he needs, not to visit the website and so on. So I think, in terms of content, you can reprint useful content or originality, some of their own experience, experience, and other valuable content. Here I think pseudo original, it is best not to change the content, content to do fine, do not abuse.

two, interaction with visitors

now that Internet sites are increasingly paying attention to interaction, interaction allows users to feel that at least he’s not alone. Here I think I could do that: first, try to answer user questions; second, the demand for the user set column, such as the ROM home for ROM area; third, the establishment of the official website of micro-blog group and the number, and the number of written notice boards of the above. Now in full swing O2O, the role of the group can be described as meritorious.

three, establish hierarchy

in fact, many people have class quirks, and the author himself is no exception. Speaking of this, I think we can follow the practice of Baidu post bar. Then spend some money recruiting people who are familiar with the website and rank as a part-time inspector or administrator of the website.

four, the whole event planning special topic

conducts regular events, campaigns, and website announcements to attract new visitors and retain older visitors. If prizes are enough to attract visitors, they will also promote the virus in order to achieve the effect.

five, website design,

web site design does not seek gorgeous, as long as you can provide users with a comfortable web page, you can see the content of the web. Here you need to do some design factors such as font size, line spacing, page tones and so on. The core point is to look at the content of comfort.

in fact, the development of the above is not difficult, it is difficult to persist in doing this site’s heart. The brush assistant http://s.shuajizhushou.cn feeds, please respect the original

, thank you!

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