recently a friend told me that their company website bidding costs have been increasing, and now is a monthly budget of thirty thousand yuan, but in the end there are only a dozen Advisory customers, very distressed. After I saw his website, I think his problem is also a lot of enterprises stand common problem, I hope here can discuss with you.

we all know, our business promotion website is one of the most important carrier, is the bridge of communication with our customers, he is our direct embodiment, the image in the eyes of customers so we found in the website promotion cost substantially has little effect, should calm down to think about it, if you will this carrier to maintain good, I think any marketing cannot do without the control of human nature, whether the site conversion is good, there are some from the start:

1, a clear location,

what do you want to get through this website? Want to show the user what? Can users get what? We now take the largest proportion of the ordinary business station, we will find a problem, all enterprises stand and basic content are similar, business owners in the net station is generally required all things the show, which is caused by the enterprise generally similar, a fundamental cause of poor efficiency of the promotion. Have a clear positioning of their website, is one of our runs through the construction site, the layout of content, popularizing the core idea, don’t think about all things are revealed, that will only cause you have no key, a mediocrity. Recommended enterprises selected companies a dazzling in the construction site, highlighting the company highlights, hit the user pain points, so as to allow the user to remember you, to take advantage of our business to business disadvantage.

2, good interface design,

a good horse with a good saddle, good enterprises also need to be equipped with a grade of the facade (website), website design whether you allow customers to open the site shines? Website highlight temperament is with the company’s positioning is consistent with the collocation of color? Whether the enterprise VI color conflict? Please remember at that moment, you click on any client website, is looking forward to you. The effect of anticipation on a sharp contrast is self-evident, and the fact that the first impression is difficult to reverse. Don’t say your company is doing a business and not the network company, customers do not think so, the morning dream really met such a customer, the customer consultation, after chatting for a while and asked me how to have no case, I explain to him just after the construction site, have not come and fill. The customer said: "your company website isn’t good?" after he left, so, please remember, for these potential customers online that you pass to anything of his website on behalf of your enterprise.

3, designed website layout

a reasonable site layout must allow users to quickly and accurately find >

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