China’s shopping community of Chinese Internet company is absolutely original, because so far we have not found in foreign countries have similar or beautiful sites such as, at the same time, the domestic shopping community after more than a year of development, still have many segments did not complete the layout, from the point of view of development space the domestic community is still very large shopping guide. But these do not mean that the shopping guide community can make a lot of money, because there is a huge difficulty in the operation shopping guide community, that is, it is difficult to build a loyal user system. This is mainly reflected in the following three aspects.

1: Taobao’s crackdown on

is currently similar to the beautiful, as well as’s shopping guide, the community’s main profit channel is Taobao customers, that is to say, Taobao is the largest shopping guide community profitable customers. But for Taobao, shopping community as a double-edged sword, enhance the ability to use the commodity sales guide at the same time, if the shopping community bigger and stronger, Taobao will virtually give yourself a deep pocket, because when the community has become the entrance of Taobao users shopping guide, shopping guide service area will have the ability to give Taobao stress there will be danger, turn from a guest into a host for a period of time, the recent acquisition of Alibaba Sina micro-blog in order to make the entrance channel of Taobao firmly in their own hands. In order to achieve the pressure on the shopping guide community.

two: sharing shopping experience is more of a temporary pleasure,

The average

from the beautiful and statistics users stay time is far less than the Sina micro-blog website and other community sites, many users are more silent consumption, let users go to this website to get their feelings in general is very difficult, there are also many instant, because of his momentary interest, more it is through micro-blog or other community sites to share. At present this kind of shopping community in the sales category plate shopping share content there are a lot of Taobao owner fictional content, the guide effect is very difficult to satisfy the users, which is currently shopping community websites is very difficult to obtain the key to profitability, although the beautiful and each promote their sales have more than ten million however, they did not see how much money the reported visible high cost control level of profits, and the cost is high because the flow continuously marketing more into the shopping community, and the flow of loyalty is not high, can not form a strong customer loyalty marketing system, so the cost has been high.

three: shopping guide, community competition is becoming increasingly fierce,

although now shopping community is not saturated, but with the beautiful and’s popularity rose sharply, has attracted a lot of people began to enter the industry, even from the Taobao home team even began construction of similar sites such as shopping guide, shopping guide the community website warlords melee situation, in this situation, more the building of loyal users of the difficulty, the cost will be higher. And now the traditional Internet traffic is almost saturated, the future development of more

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