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at the beginning of the article, whether we are aware of the search engine is a search engine technology the first of several generations? Believe that as a webmaster we have very few people will pay attention to this problem, and is a common use of the search engine users, for ordinary users they more concern is the search results.

in the experience oriented era, for our visitors to this site is to provide products, this site I use a warm comfortable, and do not want to be the site of enslavement, forced to adapt. This website for operators in the optimization of visitor experience need care, adapt to the habit of visitors.

visitor experience core: Visitor requirements

a website is based on visitors’ needs. If you are out of the demand of visitors, even if your website is fashionable and brilliant enough, you won’t get visitors’ sympathy and attention. In this regard, for operators, we need to conduct a visitor demand survey before building a site. For example, for electronic business platform, when publishing content, we need to analyze under similar products, visitors are more concerned about what kind of model, including styles, models, prices, and so on.

really, a colorful page can help your site usher in many gimmicks, because everyone’s nature is like beautiful things. But just like we are enjoying a gorgeous star, if only by beautiful appearance, finally can only be defined as a vase, the heat has passed, there will be no popularity. If our site is stuck in the beautiful appearance, the visitors looked a long time just put it as a "vase", not his theme, do you think this website can really meet their needs


visitor experience reflects: unexpected surprise

what is the real experience of visitors reflect? We can see most websites function and content be quite different, visit your site and visit other sites, the experience is not much difference between, for visitors, he can give you a pass into the performance evaluation, and finally may your site only once. This is the real

visitor experience?

is not true, the real success of the site is to make your visitors have a sense of dependence on you, and more trust with you. To achieve this, we need to break the boundaries of the mundane and surprise your visitors. For example, you are a webmaster tools, you provide the chain included basic query, query and so on, well, this is very normal, but this tool is very ordinary, you have him there, if you can according to the needs of users, to provide special services, such as SEO, to give the user a surprise this is the best, and then reflect the visitor experience.

visitor experience concerns: details

we can see many of the owners are often crude and careless because of the neglect of the details of the website by passing a lot of visitors. Looking at the changes in the search engine market in China for the past ten years, I

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