in the network marketing, if the advertisement likened to martial arts moves, then enterprise soft Wen marketing is internal strength heart method. The highest realm of soft advertising is generated from the internal organs heart moves; and soft on the contrary, is from the heart of drill moves; in addition to moves with the heart, also need good weapons, it is marketing activities. To combine the three is the highest realm of martial arts and the highest realm of marketing.

as the saying goes, every line has its own way. In the soft operation, there are art, but also realm of points.

read on newspapers and magazines, each big door in the level of the soft state at a glance. In the realm of high soft Wen can easily assume formlessness between, let you accept the enterprise want to spread information in imperceptibly, and poor or soft realm readers see through the true colors, or they are simply as spam, doesn’t have a look.

in order to avoid the enterprise waste of advertising and public relations costs, or spend money, ask others to eat meal will be looked down upon by others, being cast aside, we do these corporate propaganda public relations staff will have to "bear", delving into the realm of soft operation.

I think, according to the level of the soft state can be divided into three kinds, enterprises and public relations should need condemnation, see which one belongs to yourself, in order to determine the future direction of the promotion. Next, let’s take a look at the Chinese telephone marketing network ( Huang Xiaojing, soft Wen marketing is how to say?.


such soft text is often seen in newspapers. It is generally in the newspaper advertising edition, there are few pictures, also added some frame, its contents are from first to last Wangpo saying like that enterprises, such as product technology, how high how the function is strong; the title of most of the lack of creativity, address, contact person, telephone are clearly marked in the text. Like the fear of others not contact like.

this kind of soft language is almost all paid, because for newspapers, these pages are sold as advertising. Readers who really read the newspaper usually flip the page without even looking at it. Therefore, its transmission effect is very poor. Enterprises for this soft Wen spent a lot of advertising costs, but can not get good results, it is a pity.

obviously, this kind of soft text is the worst state. However, most enterprises remain at this stage. They are often tired of coping with product development, capital operations, sales channels and other work, advertising production are also fully handed over to the advertising company to do, and the soft Wen respect.

so, how do you improve,


, first of all, to make clear on the concept of soft Wen and print ads are different. Soft text entirely in text performance, it reads through the reader word for word content, so the soft text has no effect, the first is to see whether it can attract the reader’s reading interest. And print ads are not

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