has always wanted to write something and suffer from nothing to write about. It is also in the Internet industry for a long time, the industry said the deep and shallow shallow said, those who have always admired senior Internet analyst iResearch survey, and China business that the senior editors, at least they can write something, at least can do a very thorough analysis very highly. There are several personal blogs, but most of them are reprinted. There are few articles in the real sense. Recently this time feeling a lot, then write what thoughts again tapped the drums jump out. Because the car every day for a long time, but also considered for a long time, but also should Ma Yun’s sentence, "at night want to thousands of road, morning up the road."". Later, also determined to start writing, but also as a wish, but also have a beginning.


has read several books on Internet analysis in a few years, and it can not be called analysis.

, who developed an English language C2C project in Beijing in 2004, read a book on American eBay’s "perfect shop" at leisure time in www.echinabid.com. The writer is Adam · Cohen, eBay development and success of the essence of eBay, charming and amusing the beauty glance. If there is a "perfect market" that fits the economic theory, then it must be "eBay". In the book’s brief history of the Internet, the online auction site makes full use of the unique nature of the online media to create an ideal business model. With this model, eBay not only grew quickly, and survived the dark days of the dotcom bust, it was gradually becoming a cultural symbol and a successful business model of the internet. The Internet is a fast growing industry, and most of the book has fallen behind the times. The eBay has changed a lot, with its 2007 profit of $348 million and $7 billion 670 million in revenue. In addition, the culture of eBay seems to be acclimatized in China, at least after Taobao appeared.

in 2004, Beijing subway and the public buildings on the TV began to appear in large quantities of Taobao advertising, "Amoy, Amoy, Amoy, Amoy, Amoy, ah," very classic, but also very creative, very impressive. At that time, the C2C market was eBay, a shot, and Taobao, as if there were, but I can not remember. Now China C2C market, thriving Taobao, eBay and pat followed comments by the media to keep going by painstaking effort. As Tencent Inc’s powerful influence in the field of instant messaging, appeal, coupled with its huge user base, pat or quite leading potential.

C2C market, how to achieve cross-border user transactions, this is also a very long time for the idea of individuals. Creating a word called internationalization of the C2C market means not simply international trade

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