Baidu K station after the storm, he carried out a series of new algorithm Scindapsus algorithm, against the chain, one to 315, it is many webmaster startling jump meat. Baidu so many big action, the purpose is to urge the webmaster to strengthen the website quality construction, crack down on speculation. So now, for SEOER, the promotion is probably the most worried about a problem. But for the website development, promotion is an essential part. Promotion is the front end of the user recruitment, and it is the direct factor of the amount of users and traffic. Therefore, it is also the battleground of the SEO industry. In fact, the Baidu storm, and not to give up the promotion is the webmaster or timid. Accurately speaking, this is actually a signal released by Baidu, requiring the promotion of the site from the "quantitative" into the "quality" era. And high quality website is popularized, the essence is in level promotion.

accurate grasp of user needs: understand the user needs hierarchy

has a very famous theory in management, which is called Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Users as ordinary people in life, their needs can also be replaced into the theory inside. But theory is an authoritative theory, but it cannot be used in a rigid way. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs divides people’s needs from low to high levels, and the needs of users can also be analyzed by level five. Tier 1: basic requirements. The basic requirement of the user is the website can use, can obtain information, namely promotion is the content that should be aimed at "website content", let the user see the usability of the website. The second layer is a sense of security needs, so the promotion can not be too hasty, easy to let users feel malicious. And promotion should also have grades, quality, low quality links can not be repeated low-level mistakes. The third layer is the need for emotion and belonging, so promotion should also target users. For example, during the Olympic Games, Nike’s advertising, although the Chinese team had a lot of accidents, but Nike’s advertising seems to be saying, "I and you are one," and thus successfully won the favor of Chinese consumers. Promotion, if you can do this layer, so that the major users feel cordial, it is very successful. The highest layer is the need for self actualization, such as some online games that can explode BOSS, that is, the use of self actualization needs. This point depends on the type of site, some game forums can be promoted for this point.

master core resource delivery: inputs should have levels of

understand the needs of users later, you can carry out the promotion. This is the second step: putting resources at levels and placing important resources in important places. The so-called "resource hierarchy" put in, that is, in the promotion, the correct distribution of various SEO production data distribution, logical level of website promotion. If the promotion is compared to a war, then the level of promotion is to occupy the strategic heights, and then seek greater territory. From top to bottom, from the focus to the edge, layers of promotion. Just like the boom period that was popularized in the past, most of the means of production flowed to the "outer chain"". Now is not the beginning

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