now is the era of the Internet, the information transfer is faster, due to the popularization and development of the Internet, so as to give a large group of the society have the enthusiasm and entrepreneurial opportunity, because in the site of entrepreneurship is a low threshold of the industry, many people have the ability to do.

with the passage of time, every day there are many websites in the unceasing increase, it should be how to make your own website not in time and become unknown to the public? Some people say that this is not easy. The promotion, advertising, and do pretty little, keep pace with the times. Ha ha, good, good, these are on the right, but there is a part of entrepreneurs can not afford. In my opinion, to make their sites to love, or to achieve through their own.

let me now say my personal opinion:

first: from the beginning of the structure, the design structure and file name, it is best to have a rule, naming the file name should be exquisite. Such as this website (, it is named in the order of.

second: look at your site, determine the amount of pictures, I personally feel that now the site as little as possible pictures, so that can greatly improve the speed of opening, as far as possible to use color blocks instead of pictures.

third: the structure of the site should be clear, column classification as far as possible not too multi-level,.

fourth: when you write code, you’d better use DIV+CSS to do it, so that you can have a lot less redundant code than regular forms;

, don’t mention it,


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