The importance of

copywriting in interface design is self-evident, but such an important part still has no exclusive position, and has to be said to have some regrets. Today, in particular, a summary of my work and a previously compiled article to talk about the importance of "Copy-writing".

The difference between the "

" of "Facebook" and "+1" of Google seems insignificant, but ultimately it is enough to influence the behavior and choice of the user. Defining the controls with the right text is one of the most important aspects of the interface design. Fred. Jason (Jason Fried) as early as in the "real" (Getting Real) in the book explains the importance of writing, but in the 5 years after the copy is still in the interface design of common Achilles heel".


definitely first, clever second

reasonable words can make your design clearer. The icon is a horse is hard to tame the horse: gentle can expression intention and act freely, once it is difficult to control even hurt users temper. A magnifying glass can be said to amplify or search; a downward arrow can be said to download, save or simply "fall"; a backward arrow does not clearly tell the user if modifications will be saved in X; a user may appear to be closed, another user can understand for cancellation even in the eyes of some users to delete. So when creating an icon, the designer should try to follow the principle of "quasi – objects" – using the equivalent actions or objects in real life to perform the most explicit expression.


The Danish designer Peter Steen

Hø genhaug carefully studied some well-known websites and applications that "add link" action icon, you might think that the design has rules to follow, but the result is not the case.


, as you can see, most web management (CMS) systems and applications use chain patterns in icons. The only difference is Facebook – using a notepad and pin, and Peter thinks it’s more tricky than a chain. In the next test, he arranged a series of different tasks for the subjects to complete, one of which was to add a link. The experiment also includes other commonly used icons:


Some of the

objects interpret the chain icons as "bind things together" or "connect different elements together."". Such understanding is not wrong.

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