younger brother not, today (June 28th) to participate in the Wuhan webmaster, experienced a lot of celebrities, with a deep feeling, but also learned a lot of things, especially I say part of the essence of hair, for everyone to appreciate.

Wang Yi first "long tail" is about many littles make a mickle. king because he is closely reasoned and well argued alimama what what what, the major emphasis is on the role of


1. Pay attention to the small user website group

charts data that users don’t just browse large websites, and that small and medium-sized sites have an advantage of

: ensure the stability of the flow rate (here I am a little fuzzy, there is a website and a fall of Phi Phi up)


make up large website content less than

The new model of

the source of the Internet

Mama features

The three

package policy



The training camp in

im286 (behind the forum webmaster) the core content of the speech is to change the site. I think he said the best word is " successful people are stubborn ".

diagram Wang: "personal website’s road to making money" focuses on 2 points,

The development of the website of surplus value

would retain users

guest forum this piece, impressed me is deep, webmaster online also bought a special generator


, the rest of that is what I care about, and grasp the user search behavior,.


showed that popular trend is still evident, long tail queries (such as mobile phone free ringtones of the long tail keyword), often use typos (remind us of typos optimization)

1 reasonable selection of key steps:

1. Determine the core keyword

, the core keyword expansion

, simulation of the user thinking (I think this is important)


home page – core key words

channel column extensions keywords

content page. Long tail keywords

topic page: popular keywords

2 domain name selection

can query the history of the domain name by In order to avoid the chosen domain name is punished by the search engine, it is necessary to inquire about the history of the domain name,

and so on

3 space options (server, virtual host)


server ensures stability, load, and security. >

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