starting point and purpose, in fact, is a pair of twin brothers. They have a lot in common, and complement each other. Sometimes, the starting point and purpose of a person doing something is the same. There are many starting points, but only one goal. Only by finding the right starting point can we reach the destination accurately and achieve the ultimate goal. No matter what you do or how you want it, start with a starting point. Identifying the starting point does not necessarily mean exactly the same as the goal. Complete agreement does not mean that it can lead you to your destination. It is the right starting point for you to achieve your ultimate goal better. Do website also is such, the number of individual website increases now, stationmaster group expands ceaselessly. But really pinpoint the point of departure of the site is not much, can adhere to their own direction, continue to do even less. The reason is that there is no correct understanding of the relationship between the starting point and the ultimate goal of the website.

what exactly is the ultimate goal of doing web site? This question, most webmaster will answer is: "profit."". Yes, personal Adsense do station, the ultimate goal is really profitable. There are also many webmaster will say, "I do stand entirely for interest, in order to be able to learn more things, in order to be able to display their propaganda.". But the stationmaster net satisfied think whether you have what kind of interest or purpose, to be achieved through the website, we must first ensure that the website can long long operation, the most fundamental operation is a guarantee of profit. Only long-term stable earnings can be achieved. Websites can develop at a higher level and achieve more profits. Like Sina, Sohu, NetEase, these large portal, is still working at the profit model and profit growth. What’s more, some students and office income is meager personal adsense. No profit, the site will not be able to operate, but also can not realize their interest and personal value.

in order to achieve the ultimate goal of profitability, you must select the starting point of the site. Identify your site’s starting point, which will allow you to be targeted and directional. It’s like you want to climb a rugged mountain. There are three roads for you to choose from. Although the three roads are different starting points, they all lead to the same destination. The difficulties and dangers faced by the three roads are different. And you can choose which way to go because the chichu. The nearest way; closest to the destination. But this road is prohibited, and if you go here, it violates the taboo and is punished by the law. The left side of the road opposite the middle to far away, but the road with your path, although more difficult to go too far, but along the way there are many things that you are interested in, go can also learn a lot of things accumulate a lot of experience. The third on the right side of the road, the distance and the left side of the road may be similar, but the road is the most attractive, because lots of marsh mire, many passers-by are involved in it, so there are a lot of people left the money, but if you want to pick up the money, the risk will take to sink in the. How do you choose in the face of these three ways,


in fact, the station station to choose a starting point is like turning over

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