Baidu these big updates, really let many webmaster is happy and worry.


update, a lot of websites have obtained good rank, but also a lot of websites are dropped right, even by K. Today, a friend in the group told me that his website seems to have been dropped by Baidu, because his main keywords are not ranked at all, and there is no traffic from Baidu.

We do

SEO principle is not to do rankings, but to better improve the user experience, good user experience will be Baidu’s love, this is me a few days ago in an article about UCD. When we are doing web sites, we must put the user experience in the first place, Baidu spider is also a special visitor, you can not ignore his feelings. In the anti SPAM work, spider automatic recognition and artificial recognition are complementary to each other, first by spiders determine whether your site is SPAM, if any, your site will be included in the SPAM database, and then by the manual review of your site, but you need to know more, the staff of Baidu, also but the mass of web search times, so there will be errors, general spider determine whether your website has deliberately deceive search engine behavior, the staff rarely check, the result is the site is down right or directly by K.

so what is SPAM? In simple terms, excessive SEO optimization can lead to site being dropped. Now webmaster are very smart, very few people to do a few years ago like that keyword accumulation, such as silly behavior. But Baidu can be found from another if you cheat, if your site is down right, first check your website is not a keyword stuffing, irrelevant keywords, malicious transfer etc., also do not arbitrarily replace your title keywords. There are many webmaster said, my description can change it, because now a lot of people say that Baidu has not pay attention to, but in my opinion, since there is no use, Baidu will not index your description, does not require you to write on description, therefore, these things in the construction of station beginning to consider well, do not say that this change will change, especially on the site, and dangerous behavior, low weight and the new station, such as some sensitive words, I like a Kung Fu World ( and PW ( shaking heaven and earth no matter how you send the chain and the original article is. Not included, in my estimation should be used, these sensitive keywords, caused not included.

in addition, rumors outside Baidu will have the domain name CN various grades and ranks, such as domain name weight low, I think this is possible, because the CN domain name after the storm whipped up tens of thousands of yuan, the station into the network, in this situation, Baidu will naturally make relevant strategies. However, not all domain names will be despised, as long as your site is well founded, >

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