BUY mall, Guangzhou University (formerly south of the Five Ridges shopping mall BUY cool mall), since the great attention and support is obtained after the acquisition of South of the Five Ridges community space space in south of the Five Ridges, another large-scale online line in Guangzhou Tianhe Dongpu area as the basic starting point of the surrounding University promotion, achieved good results. Last month, Guangzhou attracted more than three thousand college students in Guangzhou settled shop, the transaction statistics amount has been broken million, Guangzhou college students praise and attention, and that the future will vigorously support mall development, thanks to the BUY mall can provide such a superior business platform, bring convenience to college students’ shopping.

BUY can store since May this year, the establishment, adhering to the students to create a high-quality low-cost and complete customer service service shopping platform, business school students to provide a zero cost high income business platform, provide perfect practice platform for university students majoring in electronic commerce, make the students really be brought by e-commerce to provide a better platform for fun experience concept. Popular with college students.

campus mall promotion must be close to students, and the traditional promotion is completely different, the following about our promotion experience.

1, network advertisement: students belonging to the network "front" groups, basically on the network advertising and immunity, most of the students have understood shielding banner.flash advertising, most browsers also directly shielded traditional advertising advertising function, more students ignore advertising, so the advertising promotion effect is very poor, The loss outweighs the gain. So we take is more and the cooperation forum, to engage in online activities, by mall owner to provide prizes, one mall promotion, and the owner provides a prize, the equivalent of doing free publicity, the owner happy, three university forum by engaging in activities to enhance the campus user stickiness, win-win.

2, leaflet propaganda: for campus, leaflets are the most direct way to pass to the end user, but the cost is too high and the direct effect is common. The flyer is only used to expand the mall’s popularity, and can not directly produce effective users or transactions. And in the leaflets for college students propaganda must work hard, from design to paper choice, must strive for exquisite, fashionable, high-grade, or at any time will be in the garbage can.

3, offline activities: through the organization of various meaningful offline activities, through the promotion of the mall in the event, there will be unexpected results.

I hope the above points are

to do the mall can help a friend! Welcome to contact the QQ748939 BUY campus webmaster can store http://s.buyeah.net (please keep)

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