official recently officially responded to the majority of business owners, how to deal with the promotion of a decline, the first time a network message is received after finishing cattle today for everyone to see!

recently, Baidu search changed promotion, the original multiple extension left above and below, on the right side, now reduced to 4; at the same time, the credit is also introduced to the sorting algorithm, influence ranking. A lot of people looking for solutions, hope can ensure before delivery results in the increasingly fierce competition. Here, Baidu promotion for you weapon, from several different aspects tell you how to optimize the delivery, improve their competitiveness, in the change in an invincible position.


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the majority of users to promote the most direct feeling is that the site visits, traffic plummeted, competition has become increasingly fierce. Therefore, how to improve the flow is the key. Here are two basic ways to boost traffic:

1. raises prices on the core word, or adds some long tail words to make up for the openings;

2. will further enhance the quality of the promotional content, enrich the style, and allow more clicks,

in addition, credit points can also affect the promotion of qualifying, maintaining a good credit record, as much as possible to improve their credit score is also very important.

power Kit

1, key words price increase

promotion is reduced to 4, ranking competition is more intense, some of the core words has been referred to a higher price. Therefore, if you want to restore the flow of these words, you need to adjust your bid. Price can not be blind, we must combine the past data, find high conversion words, price increases. As for how much the price increases, you can look at the core word in the data report, estimate how much the loss is showing, and then try out how to adjust the bid by bidding simulator

2, appropriate expansion matching

wants to expand traffic, and you can also relax your keyword matching model to get more traffic. This method is more suitable for the current account matching model more accurate promotion of customer friends, and some search volume itself is relatively small industry. It should be noted that the relaxation of the degree of need to control, do not rush, the match will be too extensive, and change the settings to monitor, adjust in a timely manner.

3, plus the word "


in addition to enhancing the competitiveness of the original words, adding some new words is also a way to expand traffic. You can find out what the Internet users are searching for in the search term report, and add some more long tail words. Can also be recommended according to keyword planners, add some dark horse words.

4, optimized creativity, rich style,

The logo of

commercial promotion becomes more obvious after, >

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