if things go hand in hand, as a good program monkey, Chen Shijun will enter the big company after graduation and become a good backbone.

in Chen Shijun’s own words: "I dropped out of school in the last semester, others dropped out of school, I was out of school employment, because the job opportunities in Silicon Valley is too attractive."." In this way, he joined the start-up company less than 1 years PayPal.

PayPal, eBay quickly acquired PayPal.

5 months after the listing of   in the modern business operation and high tempo "network marketing" the sky cries a little misunderstanding, ordinary businesses will fall into the network marketing knowledge, or that the discouraged, too high to be reached; or the blind trust, flowers a lot of money on it but not effect. Simply put, network marketing is the Internet as a platform and tools for the company and product promotion, sales and after-sales service in various ways. Network marketing not only has some common features of traditional marketing methods, but also has some unique advantages because of its large amount of information dissemination and rapid communication. On the whole, there are five misunderstandings in the understanding of network marketing:

A, network marketing is the company website

mentioned network marketing, many people immediately think of the construction site. Generally speaking, building a website is the first step for many companies to start online marketing, but this is far from the whole network marketing.


! Who dare say that Microsoft’s technology is better than Apple’s, but you go and see how many people are using Apple’s operating system now? Throw aside the others, that’s the marketing result. Competition between the two sides is definitely not technology. Technology is important, but technology alone has no future"

but at this point, after talking to someone about chatting on the Internet, he decided to go to work in Silicon Valley. It was only 15 minutes before he made an online decision.



quit high pay and create YouTube miracle

the impact of this change was enormous, and Chen Shijun became richer, but also unhappy. EBay’s corporate culture has made it difficult for old PayPal employees like Chen Shijun to adapt. Engineers have lost the right to speak. They no longer have the passion to create their own initiative. They can only listen to the big shots.

1978, Chen Shijun was born in Taiwan China, he loves to fiddle with the computer from primary school grade 6, write the first program under his own life, because the high school master Basic language, C language and much appreciated. Enter the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign computer professionals in the United States ranked in the top 5, and all computer enthusiasts, not in class during the day, at night to write a program to four points, and indulged in the inextricably bogged down in the rhythm.

Abstract: the US presidential election will be televised by YouTube, and Chen Shijun will not sleep for three days. The plane was late and he fell asleep in the waiting room. When I woke up, I found myself in the hospital bed, next to Chad. "What’s wrong with the plane?" "the plane is OK. The problem is, your brain."……" Chad looked for words.

left school for half a year, dropped out of school and joined PayPal to become a millionaire

Chen Shijun, the founder of YouTube, the world’s largest video site, ranked twenty-eighth in 2006, "Business2.0", "the world’s fifty largest enterprise influence power"…… He left his job at half a year before graduation, then left his job and started his business with a maxed out card, but he made 13 billion in 20 months. The company started its two venture after being bought by shlf1314. After the brain cancer, he said: "you can’t wait to start a business, but you can’t do it again.".

with PayPal listed on the NASDAQ in February 2002, Chen Shijun became a millionaire, he also established his own circle of friends, the root in Silicon Valley.

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