Cao Qing, seven, Top founder and CEO, founder of, founder of Agel Ecommerce Ltd in Hangzhou, was named "Forbes", "China’s thirty entrepreneurs under the age of thirty" list. From the Taobao store to the establishment of the company, so as to achieve financial freedom, this after 80’s "comely girl" is the ultimate in the hearts of many grassroots entrepreneurs.

seven princess, was a hundred bags of wheat bags, etc. Zhejiang network brand, is to seize the e-commerce opportunities to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

ideal: to be the entrepreneur’s "water electrical service"


I am Zhejiang electricity supplier grassroots entrepreneur

realizes the financial freedom through the electronic commerce, enjoys own life, has become the young people common vision. "The Internet is a relatively more equal place. As long as I work hard, I believe there will be some gains."." Cao Qing summed up her struggles

from 2003 and the rise of Taobao like heat, then, Taobao rise, everywhere is the shop Lang, but in the end only one to earn the most money, that is for the owner to provide "Taobao electric water service group of Alibaba, regardless of whether the owner is any money, this special offer" hydro "service for Taobao, the owner of the service business is to earn pours.

as the seven House online shop bigger and bigger, the crisis ensued. Because the quality is not pass, seven spaces once encountered more than 700 medium bad review. Cao Qing through a letter of sincere open letter through the storm: "this review book, I wrote a full stop at 3 in the morning to stop writing, text is from the heart."."

, after several years of gestation, is now at the right time to start a business.

needs? Yes, because of this, only 7 small teams of companies, in its entrepreneurial services platform has included nearly 700 start-up projects. But now, the entrepreneurial service site that once held a niche in the minds of entrepreneurs, ultimately, the difficult journey ended in failure.

6 years of struggle, for retired

2006, 24 year old Linping girl Cao Qing started with 4000 yuan, with the "seven spaces" in the name of Taobao opened an online shop.

have entrepreneurship, there will be difficulties, usually entrepreneurs will face several major challenges: first, there are projects, no one. Second, there is no money project. Third, someone has money, but no experience. Open business services website "bugle network", you can see in its column design is obviously for these core needs come.

80 girls witness wealth myth

, and founder Jinglun Luo had no experience in the Internet industry, earlier he is something in the IT industry. As for >

this is the most common choice in the e-commerce era. After the success of the business, to find the right professional managers, entrepreneurs can feel at ease to enjoy their lives.

direction, indeed there have been some professional help entrepreneurs hydrotechnic, Pioneer Park, the first category is in some places, including University Park, to provide this kind of service service is mainly divided into two categories, one is dedicated to provide office space, give the hardware on the service, and then according to the hardware to do service. One is to provide soft services to hardware at the same time, such as the services of financial loans, these two services are more common. Another type of business that involves doing poineering work is entrepreneurship. By offering bonuses, entrepreneurs are encouraged to produce good ideas.

marks the rise of the reality show "winning in China" in 2006, the word "entrepreneurship" that fires all over china.

is the same as it should be applied to the field of entrepreneurial venture, since it was responsible for the business, of course there will be special services for entrepreneurs "water, electricity" role, do entrepreneurs entrepreneurs.


, the head of the seven fastest, most successful online shop in the world, Cao Qing feels that work is just for fun.


is less than 6 years they have their own clothing brand, Linping girl Cao Qing "retired".

now, seven independent B2C has been on the line, men’s clothing brand will also be on-line in the near future, annual sales of more than 3 hundred million.

the road is not easy. "We are, like other Taobao stores, step by step. The first time, from dawn to dusk every day, lunch and dinner are to get lunch out hastily to deal with." Cao Qing told reporters. Each month at least push 100~150 new, to ensure that no less than 500 items of goods in the shop rigid rules, making this "tide" brand shop in the fierce competition in the network momentum.

"I only go to half a day, half of my family and half of my work every day."." Said this, Cao Qinggang had just finished a pregnancy test, her child will be born in more than 60 days. "Now all departments of the company are in charge, and the team is well established. I hope I can spend more time at home."".


but these institutions are peer to peer services, offering only individual entrepreneurial services to entrepreneurs, without allowing interaction or communication among entrepreneurs. At the same time, we should also help entrepreneurs to solve the core needs: first, financing, technology start-ups, no risk injection of funds, it is difficult to grow up quickly. Another is to help investors find projects, especially reliable projects, and these two requirements are not well met.

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