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Yuan Xu is a native of Sichuan, Ya’an. He used to be a computer science student at Peking University, but he dropped out of school in 2004. He was the same as Bill, ·, and Gates, who quit school and became a Microsoft. And his fellow venture partners, he is playing online games users, are a group of game fans.


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this is not a fable, but a real story that happened in the incubation area of Chengdu hi tech zone. The 26 year old is one of the founders and President of the company, Yuan Xu.

currently, the fast travel company has set up offices in Beijing and Shanghai, and overseas markets have expanded smoothly. "Thousands of overseas players log in and download every day. I’ve checked it."

four institutions inject first phase accounts 40 million

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four domestic investment institutions loved the letter capital, fortune venture capital, Chengdu, emerging Asia and a surplus power fast travel company signed a risk investment agreement, the first phase investment of 40 million yuan, and has been credited into account. According to the agreement, the total investment scale of the four institutions will reach 100 million yuan.

membership Yingchuang power hi tech Vc firms, high-tech venture responsible person said, the value of fast travel, is because the company’s profit is very high, and the huge market space. The investment belongs to equity investment, and four institutions will occupy about 20% of the fast travel interest.

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a young 26 year old founder of the company, a year earnings on tens of millions of yuan! He helped to improve the online game player speed, let 20 million people become his subscribers! This little-known company, has been jointly funded four domestic investment institutions, the total will reach 100 million yuan.


contact the company’s profit model is very simple: download the accelerator to the computer game player, probation for a period of time, and then pay to use. Although refused to disclose specific earnings, but Yuan Xu admitted that last year’s profit levels at 10 million yuan level. "Earnings in the first quarter of this year were much bigger than expected." His online accelerator is simply a suction gold".


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activity time: from January 11, 2008 to February 5, 2008

Yuan Xu’s business name is Sichuan Xun Xun Technology company. This is a company specializing in R & D accelerator online games. In 2005, Yuan Xu co founded the company with two other online partners, and has now become an absolute champion of home online accelerator providers.

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users alliance founded last year, tens of millions of

because they are familiar with online games, they are keenly aware of the "online shopping acceleration" this huge market. Since entering this field in 2005, the fast moving accelerator has accounted for 60% of the domestic online games, and about 20000000 players have become users. At present, the accelerator has been used to market 90% online games, such as World of Warcraft, Dungeon Fighter Online, JX three.

yuan Xu,

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