before I didn’t know about Taobao, I kept on publishing my product information in forums and blogs. Maybe you should say, "I know all about it. It’s propaganda."". Of course, you can achieve the purpose of publicity, in fact, I want to through the forum and blog to let sh419 included my product information, to search for a channel. Perhaps the channel was insignificant before Taobao blocked sh419. But now, this channel is very powerful. Think about it, Taobao tens of millions of products do not have this channel, only you have, this is equivalent to search for you free advertising. For example, you search "laptop screen film" in sh419, I will see the product information, price and site name of course, there are other related products online shopping website will compete with you, but in Taobao, only if you do it, and you did not compete

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            because he is currently doing Taobao stores, but also do two sites. Therefore, SEO search engine optimization has also been studied.

we all know, at present in sh419 search less than any Taobao product information, because Taobao has blocked sh419 search. So there will be this situation: before a lot of search through sh419 users now completely gone. According to my understanding, Taobao customers are therefore exist, so that Taobao’s product information through the third party web site was searched.


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third question, what should a Taobao guest do?

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first said, "why do you need Taobao?

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! ?"

, first of all depends on your location, I think there are two kinds, one is "push", and the other is "pull"

second questions. Is Taobao useful,

if you want to make money in the short run, then I recommend you go to the forum post and push the product out. People in forums and communities are prone to "herd mentality." if a good product, coupled with a good "soft text", may get good clicks and gains on the day. The disadvantages are instability, and are easily deleted, and there is no future.

first introduced a basic knowledge: may do a lot of Taobao shop owner did not come into contact with SEO, simply put, is to let sh419 SEO GG ah, these search engines included your site information, and your information in the search words ranking. What is the use? Tell me about yourself, you sometimes want to get a message to search, for example, you want to find a "notebook screen film, you search in the search, there is a heap. What SEO does is to let your notebook keyboard information appear in this search, and try to rank first.


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professional finished, we went back to "Taobao" to relax.

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