we know that the current Wangzhuan industry is mixed, what people have, Wangzhuan also emerge in an endless stream, free Wangzhuan classic such as hook Wangzhuan, click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan code etc. do not talk much, new ways such as Wangzhuan like bamboo shoots after a spring rain in the forum, the latest in 2010 Wangzhuan project which will be worth looking forward to?. In the face of all kinds of guidance, many higher tried another Wangzhuan project, finally ended in failure, after all, money is one of the few people. Therefore, many people have the idea of giving up.

In front of the assassin

Wangzhuan first-class quality, is that they continue to pursue progress mentality. The time and energy are limited, a reasonable allocation of the limited resources to become a booster to achieve the ideal, is eager for success in each Wangzhuan industry people to consider carefully the. After all, if a person wants to succeed, he must learn the knowledge he needs to know and replace it with him as soon as possible.

2012 national restaurant market size of more than 2 trillion, is a piece of life inside the largest service industry, which also led to the dining O2O is undoubtedly the most intense competition in an area, including many giants, everyone staring at the main dining, but for the funds and resources for the general strength of the entrepreneurial team.

everyone has the time of the moment, but also has a good dream. But many people don’t know how they are using it right now, nor do they want to know what they are doing. Maybe someone would say, "I have plenty of time, lots of time, and what I want to do with it.".

two, less touch catering, small industry

so, for the average entrepreneur, try not to block the giant Road, choose a vertical industry, so that the giants can not reach the depth.

of course, if you have no goals, just want to let time muddle along without any aim, consumes faster, then you’d better spend time to go to sleep, for all who want to have in the dream. In that case, I dare say, your dream will be very beautiful, and it will make you feel intoxicated, and make you linger in it. You don’t want to wake up. It will make you sigh in your dreams: if only you could live in a dream. But in addition to dreaming, you won’t have anything else. What you have is just unreal dreams.

4, map: This is not necessarily necessary, but it will naturally be more competitive, because the map is one of the O2O entrance.

1, user base: want to do an integrated O2O platform, if it does not have user base, it must be ready to burn a lot of money;

text / Zhu Gang product route network operations director authorized Sohu IT release

2, business resources or push forces: merchant resources if there is no ready-made, although you can build a huge contingent of BD to achieve, but it also burns a lot of money;

in fact, no matter who you are, as long as you keep charging yourself, you are a step closer to your ideal. So also do Wangzhuan, when you want to hold on, you will succeed.


there is a saying in the library of Harvard University. You will have a dream if you nap now, but this moment study, you will interpret a dream. The assassin Wangzhuan forum put it in to give each Wangzhuan Wangzhuan: at this time to give up, you will come to naught; while persist, you will succeed.

forum, wrote an article called the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan failed after you should laugh, when it comes to a key problem, whether you have the reason and reflection of failure down again to.

O2O fire for one or two years, though this venture a grasp of a lot, especially some investors should be fully understood, received 10 copies of a business plan which is estimated to be 5 copies of O2O label is marked, but in my opinion, no matter at present is for the user or business, not is to meet the needs of there are many, many opportunities, recently finishing the starting point of the 10 O2O entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs the opportunity to focus on the O2O reference.

to do a comprehensive type of O2O platform, certainly not as much as buy a few hundred dollars to buy a template, and then talk about a few businesses will be able to on-line as simple as it needs to have many aspects of the foundation. There is enough money and technical strength to say, and in addition, you may need the following conditions:

The concept of

one, do vertical, do not block giant road integrated platform

from these points of view, to do an integrated O2O platform, basically only Tencent, Taobao and other giants in order to have some hope. And for ordinary entrepreneurs, not to mention other conditions, users and businesses in these two areas, in the end is the first chicken or egg, this problem will be enough to make you headache.

The master

some people would say: "I just do Wangzhuan in his spare time, leisure time why get so nervous?" in fact, in my opinion, although the spare time on the surface seems to be not so important, seems to be doing anything to spend can be, but in fact it is a great stress the. Einstein once said: "the difference between people is in their spare time."." In Wangzhuan success, "


3, means of payment: payment instruments is particularly important for large platforms with its own third party, one or more than Taobao’s cash flow control if not for its own nature is not a small risk, this gold mine O2O big data in addition to many people’s fantasies, to dig deeper into this basically. Is a prerequisite for

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