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service creator of MCN company, the next few years, China will emerge a large number of video network has the original ability of red, they and the United States now creators, MCN company needs to provide support and help other shooting and service, so you can better concentrate on content creation.

by the webmaster to reflect to the webmaster nets, pluslink hyperlink marketing alliance has been a long time to open the site, the company customer service phone, and a series of contact have been ineffective, the majority of owners Commission did not pay more. Get this news, Adsense nets through the League for the record information, trying to contact the alliance, but unfortunately, all the contact ways are not connected, so Adsense network special prompt:

red literally above, and not what problem, but in the China words but contains some negative ingredients inside, this is actually a certain relationship between the origin and the concept of the network China red red red net basically represents 1 times is Fengjie, sister Furong this kind of characters. In addition, as the current situation is concerned, in the Chinese mentioned net red, people first thought or the awl face and eyelid of the so-called "red net". But in the 2016, the concept of net red for most Chinese people began to change slowly because of the appearance of Papi sauce and AIKE. It also reflects the core issue of China’s "red web industry": these so-called "net red" can not be called creators.



refers to the red net, red net in the United States there are two very positive words called impact Influencer and the creator Creator, at the same time in different platform above these effects creator and different names: video called YouTuber on YouTube; Instagram photos Instagram called girls Instagram network is the most American Red fashion content; girl in the nation’s largest music platform above users also called Muser.

creator is a group of what kind of people, VidCon conference full three days, they give Ling brother had a deep impression. First of all, most of the creators of the group is 00, not even 90, which is the most subversive spirit of a cognitive phenomenon. VidCon conference, Ling brother see all kinds of American junior high school students, children with professional equipment for live broadcast. At the same time, YouTuber fans are 00 after the main.




spend a week studying during the day, visiting Hong Kong, visiting the company, returning to work in the evening, sleeping four hours a day, combing and thinking about the new knowledge gained every day. After returning home, Ling brother on the entire trip to the United States again to sort out the proceeds, to help you see China’s red industry from a larger pattern.

in the requirements of the majority of webmaster, Adsense net announced hyperlinks marketing alliance specific contact information. In order to recover the commission you can recount. How do you feel like a migrant worker?

furthermore, compared to the most China is awl face eyelid red net, in the United States to become an excellent creator and no yen value threshold, the core competitiveness of the creator is whether they can create high-quality video more interesting, useful. Brother Ling, Tastemade, YouTube, the biggest gourmet channel company on the island


hyperlink marketing alliance alliance has been running on foot, please send this Adsense advertising Adsense in time to withdraw the code, in order to avoid unnecessary losses.


of course, if the hyperlink marketing alliance is only a temporary strategic adjustment, living company changes, so as to avoid misunderstanding, please contact me promptly, contact .

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