arrived this morning Indoorsman sent me the book, the brother I observed over a period of time, is nothing. Why do you say so? I haven’t seen him. I’ve been to Guangzhou once before. I was meant to meet, because I’m in a hurry to return to Wuhan. So far, we haven’t seen any real people online. From the bottom of my heart, I admire this young man more and more.

in Jiangsu, Xiong Xiong pictures, Nicky Wu’s identity is an art consultant.

to do the benefits of the Internet especially obviously, I still do from the media, every day people diversiform will come to me. Invisible expansion of the network of people, for example, the average person needs to find a talent and projects may be difficult, and I will have to come here to take the initiative to come. Is the negative effect of the corresponding Tuesday, may be scolded.

in general, the logic of many stars is that they have to eat fruit, but do not have to plant trees in person. They are keen to set up one after another fund, and even use the endorsement fee for equity.

he wasn’t even willing to accept the investment. He felt that he was owed someone and was under pressure. He preferred to make money silently and then put himself into it.

Nicky Wu has an average of 5 hours of rest a day, and most of his time, except filming, is in meetings.

Nicky Wu is supposed to be the biggest entertainer among the stars.

the social good harder and harder, in most people, don’t expect to do what good. Everyone wants you to see one thing, based on their own point of view and demands, to think: how can I do, I want to how how, what what I got, as for how you want, I don’t give a damn.

recently, Nicky Wu accepted an exclusive interview with entertainment capital, and he repeatedly said, "I’m an entrepreneur, not an investor.".

producer Nicky Wu

because, besides being an actor, Nicky Wu is still a businessman. His company is a little bit, from film and television, games, brokerage, to the electricity supplier, wearable devices, Nicky Wu has its own company.

A shares listed companies storm group had hoped to buy 1 billion 80 million yuan in Jiangsu straw bear Pictures 60% stake in the acquisition by the SFC

in the filming gap, his favorite activity is to see the network text, a play down, at most when you can see fifty or sixty.

I have read at least thousands of online novels, including tens of thousands of comic books that have been read before, as well as some National Geographic magazines, archaeological books, and some books from Chinese dynasties."

Nicky Wu’s logic is just the opposite. He’s more willing to do it himself.


of course this society is not always so low-key God, because the creator do, there are a lot of young cynic, a lot of wonderful.

I found it from the first day of the media, when I wrote >

Nicky Wu himself to read the novel, talk about copyright, shoot TV series, but also with the game company to discuss its IP adaptation of the game’s core gameplay……

Group Chairman Feng Xin, chairman of the blue harbor interactive Wang Feng, which had worked with Nicky Wu listed company chiefs, are full of praise for Nicky Wu. When communicating with him, within half an hour, you will find that you are not talking with a star, but you are really talking with an industry person."


because of the identity of Taiwanese, Nicky Wu can not personally stake, but his wife Liu Shishi is the company’s second largest shareholder.

when he first contacted me, I didn’t pay much attention to it. It was skipped like a lot of messages I couldn’t answer. You can call me and call me and call me brother Haitao, "man of God", is not modest, then know that it was a bull force character. A 90, on the 20 early to buy BMW, is not Pro Pro?.

I want to do something quiet. My goal is simple. Writing, writing, making products, making money is as simple as that. The idea was to do a big job, but later found it might not be appropriate. After all the reason is Xinhen enough, for example, some people no matter what others say, how to look, one can cross down in the end. And I, if one person says my bad, I will be depressed for a long time. The lack of momentum coming off.

second impression is more profound is in the Mid Autumn Festival, sent a message to me that is to send me the moon cake, let me send an address to him. I finally did not have the nerve to let him send moon cake, because ashamed ah, you see people of this attitude, look at myself, don’t think of it. I didn’t even send home moon cakes in my own home. That’s my difference with him.

talked to him a few times later, and he’s always been so low-key. I don’t know. I thought he was an open-minded little white. I there is so awesome, I am also a poor grass root, he could earn more than I do, may be better than me, visibility is good, can maintain such a humble attitude, let me understand a truth: the more Niubi is more low-key pragmatism.

in the eyes of the outside world, with Alec Su, Chen Sicheng and other actors, but these stars are different, Nicky Wu’s goal seems to be to move behind the scenes, to assume the role of more producers. For example, buy IP, personally develop IP, raise funds for projects and other specific matters.

he will meet in a variety of ways, such as WeChat and video, and sometimes pull the meeting to the set. "I will look at my financial statements in person and fill out the form to ask me for money. I think I am generous and will not refuse their request for money."."

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