love Shanghai advocate two purposes: one is the original, but the user experience. Of course, the two are inseparable, high quality original content will bring a good user experience, but to improve the user experience, not necessarily the original can, strong practicability, practical help to users and cause users to resonate with the pseudo original can also improve the user experience. Love Shanghai has been emphasized in the original content, but in the current situation, to have the original content of one hundred percent is not possible, I list some cases:

four, if there is a small website, website content is relatively small, but is the original, and the use and value are very high, user attention is very good, I think Shanghai is not because they gave him a very good ranking. Of course, if the website that continue to do so, and the original, ranking and traffic problems sooner or later.

is to encourage original, but also to avoid the pseudo original, high quality pseudo original can also improve the user experience. The original is glorious, but the pseudo original is not shameful. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er will find such a phenomenon, a lot of large weight high website if some small website information acquisition pseudo original, it is very likely that information in these large websites become the original content in the ranking, the reason is because the weight of the website and influential.

This section describes the main contents of

, all the medical website, can avoid some diseases to write articles, and each kind of disease symptoms, etiology and other professional knowledge is only those who, if not content in these knowledge, it should be how to write? The Internet can not only one of the disease articles, and especially some of the big industry website, they have covered a lot of information in the whole industry, so we are pseudo original is inevitable.

three, we often publish articles in the classified information website, but the release of information is limited by the time, to a certain time will be deleted, so we have a lot of information to duplication, but indeed there is a demand, pay more attention to the user, this information will be the love of Shanghai the punishment of



yesterday day Shanghai to 6.28 events official, said the low quality site of the standard interpretation. Low quality site refers to the so-called non original, or false original (rarely original content, or content / machine generated a large collection of the Amendment); this part of the site is not designed for end users, but only in order to get traffic from search engines.


I said these are not complaining about what, because.


two, like love Shanghai know inquiry platform in this category, the same problem has many similar questions and answers, many answer is the content from other professional website found, may be directly copied, this web site is not the original

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