believe that many webmaster have revised website website experience, in general, is the development for the site better, its essence to its dregs, make the site better and better, and has the opportunity to succeed. When we decided to redesign the site is operating, to rely on search engines to get traffic to the webmaster, website, whether or not to act rashly? Perhaps, action scale determine the site of the "ups and downs"

I recently rival station on the revised, and successfully passed the inspection of Shanghai love. In this article, the author think through some reaction to the phenomenon of Love Spy Shanghai website changes, to share with you webmaster, in order to optimize the way of common progress. In this business station, the author made changes as follows:

3. adds the latest article exposure, will not for a long time the full column does not take home call, call the frequent update of the columns. As everyone knows the search engine for this point to do a better match up, increase the amount collected.

4. the overall tone is still blue, page do landscaping, look more beautiful.

1. a deletion of the appropriate keywords in the Title header, because the title is too long when the station, the abandon or renounce. Because this is the reciprocal of second keywords, so little.

2. is still the three column layout did not change, the site before CSS. Because of the need to the previous column position has been moved, the wording of the contents also made appropriate adjustments. Because some plans to optimize the long tail keywords, so the focus placed on the page weight slightly higher on the left, some long tail keywords home appears the page hyperlinks, and set up a new page and enrich the content.

below, I will describe love Shanghai made on the website of the reaction.

before the revision of the site every day, love Shanghai snapshots are new, the next snapshot. On the same day to update the article, at least one above is included, release time interval for half an hour -5 hours. Change the template due to worry about being love Shanghai right down, updated a few articles, the check collected, found no new articles included, until the early morning of the second day was released 3 day before the update, page snapshot of a change to one day before. So overjoyed, finally escaped. Then, the second day update night out three, the snapshot time is 10 hours ago, enough to pass.

5. because the site is used in CMS system, to facilitate the replacement of the template. Can guarantee the column and website structure does not change much, all new templates to generate HTML page URL has not changed. This is very important. Some columns increase with the same basis, and will be placed in the new column link at the bottom of the page navigation site, making it easier to be indexed in search engines.

?An enterprise is operating

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