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: optimization rules don’t look good, let the webmaster have modified the temptation of

two: tangled

more and more webmaster friends may have on the search engine when, because some of the so-called law of many webmaster love into search engine, and these rules can often cause a lot of traps, let the webmaster friends accidentally fall into the trap of search engine! In fact, just a quick optimization of the pursuit of some webmaster useful love, although Shanghai launched a search engine optimization guide to love Shanghai very detailed, but truly love Shanghai to do the webmaster optimization guide is less and less, so Shanghai can only love to stimulate the webmaster by optimizing the trap, let the webmaster understand a truth, that is to go to optimize road. Trap if the ox hair, no one will be worth, so for the optimization of HOLD, the temptation is king

if the webmaster friends stand lonely, or less than two audit love Shanghai, will have to give up the idea of website operation, or thinking about other some cheating techniques to engage in the construction site.

love Shanghai search engine optimization guide, most have a common idea, that is the search engine optimization is so simple, is updated every day, insist to do every day the chain, improve the site chain, optimize the structure of the website, the content of learning as long as a month two months can easily, so many webmaster think, this rule is a bit redundant, but also often see some optimization to the first page of the website, found that these websites are not completely in accordance with the guidelines for the optimization instructions, but after the improvement of all kinds, so he began an improved search engine optimization guide way to let your website as soon as possible to occupy the Shanghai love results page, but this is precisely the love of Shanghai a temptation for the webmaster, actually refers to the optimization The south is to rule the webmaster to long-term persistence, and those who really love Shanghai long occupy the results page of website, it is in strict accordance with the guidelines for how to do! So the webmaster of reform movement, can only say is Cleverness may overreach itself.

! In fact, when we saw the !

a lot of Web logs, are able to see the poisonous spider crawling shadow, and even be able to show love Shanghai spider has took a lot of content collection into the index, but we through the site command, but always can not see the shadow of the content included, it makes a lot of webmaster cannot hold, think that there is a crisis of confidence your own website, actually this is love in Shanghai on a new station included the two audit strategy is very common now because of the Internet, there have been a lot of imitation station, and even a lot of information collection, if that content in the index immediately after release, it will cause the result love Shanghai repeat the contents of a large number of pages, so to love Shanghai, will greatly reduce the user experience, so love Shanghai will adopt two audit mechanism to confirm the contents of the The value of

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