you bought the domain name and space, you can do a website, but many grassroots webmaster in system trouble, many domestic famous free station system, known as Dede, as well as open-source Empire, and the forum of class phpwind, discuz, these newcomers how to choose? First of all, you need to know what your content system is built this website or BBS, if the construction of the content system website, recommended to choose the Dede novice dream, the operation is simple, suitable for beginners, the empire is open source, or used, but did not understand the code for the novice, may have to spend a lot of time to study. The forum, phpwind and discuz, each one has its own merits which do you think is, your food, which you choose.

How to customize the keywords Two, the establishment of the system of

, server and space

three, after the establishment of the station

the Internet is a very wonderful thing, many all kinds of websites, whether you want to build a website? Many people think of the site to learn or increase income, now let me explain the new site must understand.

if you have more money, you must choose the independent server, this to you after your website will be greatly improved. Why? Because the independent server provides space is only on your website, so you the equivalent of a person living in a house. Some space to provide cloud hosting price optimization, your website and many websites stored in a server, equivalent to a lot of people live in a house. If the other site is K, is likely to affect your website, the server if the store has many spam sites, search engines are not interested in going there to visit, so most of the independent server website snapshot is updated every day, as long as the site updated daily original content, spider every day to your home. On the contrary, your website and many dubious website together, the spider will think you as they are not friendly, but not to love you. Space is a very important issue, it is best to choose a fast and stable space, or a spider to your home every day, but every day you close the door, he will not come, don’t even love you.

The importance of

this is one of the most critical, novices can first think of yourself to do what the contents of the block, and then visit the rival is how to do, of course, you can’t go with them, don’t go to the template, then you write a few words, love Shanghai index search, and then to understand the user focuses on how users search, most of the words, if you do come up, it doesn’t worry about the traffic, I give a very practical examples, such as "civil engineering", the word search index is very high, but not many people do, there are three stations in the network, one is a railway station, the station is selected this keyword, the competition degree is not large, the search index is very high, this.

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