website now also belong to a more representative, relatively large Jingdong, including Suning, Gome, Tesco, good music to buy these, from these sites to observe, Tesco, Suning, Gome, Jingdong. There were No. Good music to buy the text label.

women’s fashion website is relatively the most graphic signs appear site, are typical representatives of the Pacific women, rayli贵族宝贝.cn website etc..

Four, forum website

movie website, Jire movies, Youku movies, double vision movie network. Youku movies belong to online play, currently do not see the text label. The odd network currently do not see the text label.

medical website

two, the electricity supplier website




medical website although love Shanghai in the aspects of the crackdown is relatively large, but relatively large medical sites or excellent hospital site observation will also appear at present.



according to the above summary, basically by mark any website will appear in any industry, their website does not appear graphic mark do not worry, there is marked text do not meet the requirements of. So the need to continue efforts to

A typical

movie website

forum website typical sites in the A5 forum, the Forum Global view. There will be less but. The same is the Discuz forum.


five, female fashion website

original article first A5 reproduced indicate the source Tianjin Beijing Tianjin hospital 贵族宝贝jingjinyy贵族宝贝/

from the contact of the enterprise website, enterprise website reached a certain weight will also appear, graphic logo, corporate website relatively prone to mark the text will generally appear in the company profiles, product images, contact us page. More prone to.





, a corporate website

recently love Shanghai to adjust the search results, increase the graphic signs, many webmaster friends do not know this kind of graphic mark will appear in their website, the following will be the case at present love Shanghai graphic icons appear website.

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