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with the increasing return of red chips, once the shell resources are becoming scarce, speculation heating up, the Commission’s regulatory stick to the speculation at the same time, the revised "measures" major asset restructuring of listed companies, intended to curb backdoor speculation. 360 direct IPO disguised A shares to kill a poison to curb the backdoor, speculation of the wind, to those who attempt to knife wind to fight back to the prototype, the Commission backdoor curb speculation in the teeth of the storm, 360 is the return of red chips A shares IPO leader.

‘s success is to select an entrepreneurial venture, so the first step is to select an entrepreneurial venture. Entrepreneurship is for what, of course, is to make money, so venture projects should be combined with the development trend of the market choice, it is better for you to know more about the industry, the operation more heart.

will begin preparations after reviewing the market. As we all know, the preparatory work in the early stage of the business is often complicated and no chapter, and there will certainly be some places that can not be prepared. Moreover, for entrepreneurs, whether it is start-ups or re created, "company registration" is a difficult situation can not be closed, but often because of this lack of knowledge and encountered a variety of problems.

since Prime Minister Li Keqiang put forward the slogan "public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation", plus the encouragement and support of the country, more and more people have come to the road of entrepreneurship. But for entrepreneurs, what do you need to know when you start your business? What are you interested in? What are you going to prepare? Do you know that,

360 the return of A shares has made many people excited, why? Zhou Hongyi said the 360 regression cost up to $10 billion, with this figure, speculators in the well, excluding founder Zhou Hongyi and other old shareholders, the rest need financing, including loans of nearly 20 billion yuan to the consortium. Zhou Hongyi huge financial pressure can be a long queue IPO? 360 to return to A shares during the period, many returnees choose quick backdoor, often rumored shell companies will be the stock market speculation, many people predicted that Zhou Hongyi would make 360 backdoor listing.

360 is behind the return of A shares group model, Zhou Hongyi intended to make 360 national network security guard, as he said "as a security company, must have borders, he would rather be" negative ", also led to 360 return. With the development of science and technology, information theft is no longer breaking the lock slipped so primitive, once there is a hacker Trojan lurking in the securities trading system, long time to steal all insider information, insider trading. U.S. presidential election even hacking presidential mailbox incident. Now, the Internet is not only affecting our daily life, but also affecting the system security of our country.

has been listed in the United States in 360, the majority of investors are overseas funds, as Chinese main network security business giants, countries in the face of such a foreign enterprise has no sense of security, government departments, state-owned banks, foreign affairs unit, China "


a time, all kinds of backdoor scandal surrounding the 360 scandal, the stock price is rise directly to a high position. In the spotlight, who will become the 360 backdoor favorite imperial concubine, 360 suddenly choose queuing listed, completely end the relevant backdoor concept stock speculation opportunities. Now IPO queuing enterprises as many as 500, according to the Commission in 2016 to review the speed of 270, 360 normal queuing will take time. It seems that the old week financial pressure not to be the most urgent backdoor point, live well.

cattle Island,

The first step in ?

determined after entrepreneurial projects is to inspect the market, mainly from the following four aspects: 1, analysis of the prospect and trend of development of the industry, the 2 competitors in the industry and the analysis of the merits of 3, develop their own advantages, the 4 consumer analysis.

"the current entrepreneurial tide, when everyone went gold, we wanted to be able to provide a little gold service, we will do the most simple things, to help entrepreneurs to start a business registration company, provide efficient, one-stop solution." Shanghai cattle Island founder Shen Yifeng said.

and Shanghai cattle Island Corporation niurendao/ is a one-stop O2O platform dedicated to tens of millions of start-ups, investment institutions and government parks. Provide one-stop O2O Internet enterprise services from company registration, taxation agency, company change to trademark registration, copyright, patent and so on. With cattle Island, you just have to enjoy one-stop service, and don’t run around for registered companies anymore,


"brother, I bet two stocks and have been abandoned by 360 of IPO."." 360 the return of A shares once the backdoor scandal everywhere, a backdoor reorganization of the concept of love on large, see 360 into the IPO program after counseling a sigh. 360, direct IPO, so that those who like the edge of the knife licking blood speculation backdoor hot money situation why,


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