as I mentioned above, the text link will be relatively stable, in fact, this is true, now many sites will allow a certain degree in the published text links, such as forum signature, classification of information network and various forums and so on, the text chain often through the site audit, this if we want to scale of construction chain, text links can be realized. And these support text link >

text link is a cumulative process, when the quantity to a certain extent, will bring great effect to the optimization of the site, we can see that this text links relative to other links to form more stable. Text link link form with respect to the construction of other forms of less difficult, general webmaster can tolerate your text on their site links. The anchor text or hyperlinks of construction difficulty is big, can take this form with the link on the site is relatively small, which may cause our hypertext links or anchor text links several on several platforms, such as the site closure, or your account is deleted, then you outside of the chain may be a large deletion. There is a good lesson for this author. We know the love experience of Shanghai can do outside the chain of hypertext, the author then made such a chain of love in Shanghai experience. But in the end, is considered to be malicious to release the chain, the chain in Shanghai experience basically removed, lead to the chain of large fluctuations.

see all kinds of links from the traditional Shanghai dragon concept, such as hypertext links, anchor text links and text links to their weight is a decline, there are a lot of Shanghai dragon Er to do pure text outside the chain, or even that the text link road effect can be ignored, the author started what do you think is true, but with the optimization in depth, the author had no effect on the view of the change of text links. In fact, Shanghai has sex optimization, the text of the chain effect is not small. Then to Shanghai dragon’s point of view, text links have what effect? Here’s a text link Shanghai dragon effect share her own points.

two: text chain can stabilize the site’s ranking

: text links can improve the site weight

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er think text link to get the weight is very low, I have been in the Shanghai dragon why training on hearing only said the pure text of the chain effect can be neglected. But I think also very good text links to enhance the site weight, the Shanghai dragon Er think I may say may be one-sided, which we can see a lot of weight high site outside the chain form, many sites are text links. To transfer the weight and height of the larger impact should be the link sitting on the platform, if the weight is high, even if the text links, the weight is not low. For example, A5.

three: the difficulty of the construction of the small text links, can let the chain more natural

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