definition: scarce resources is the competition website do not have, our website has something at the same time, these things are in accord with the needs of the user, it can use the word for poor dissimilation. Generally speaking, the quality of scarce resources is very high, is more popular for users, can reach the mouth effect, can rapidly improve the site’s audience.

website optimization stage, ranking flow into the bottleneck, how also can not break through, believe you the webmaster you have encountered it, then how to solve the problem, then I will give you a detailed share how to use scarce resources to optimize bottleneck breakthrough. Website optimization stage, page content and value are basically saturated, this ranking is very difficult to rise, continue to optimize the previous work is in vain, this time on the need to plan out the optimization scheme of new optimization personnel, to adjust the injection site, new blood, to increase the site audience.

2, website traffic bottleneck breakthrough, can rapidly increase the site natural flow.

can increase the viscosity increase page site audience.

how to inject new blood to the site to increase the site audience, scarce resources is a good solution to this problem, we first look at what is scarce resources:

two, how to excavate the scarce resources of

How does the From the analysis of

3, indirectly enhance the visibility of the site. When a user searches into many websites do not find what you want, at this time he found your website and has very good to meet his needs, then he will tell other people with the same needs of your site, to the effect of word of mouth, probably at this site’s popularity is not high but, if you provide these scarce resources to the user, then the site visibility of the ascension is very simple.

< > 1,

1, website brand word

2, can directly improve the keywords ranking. Our website provides no rival website, which will meet the users search keywords into the needs of the site, this is certainly not a user, after a certain number of clicks, search engine will think you this site is more in line with the user’s taste, so that a search engine will take you up this ranking. Click on the ranking of the performance is natural.

search engine:

1, can improve the site overall included. If your page is the one and only is very user needs, then the search engines will be included soon, the more page in the website that, "the heat is higher, so the ZhengZhan collected will be greatly improved.

, what is the role of scarce resources

analysis from the user:

mining of scarce resources, we now look at what are scarce resources:

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