faucet tightening, the industry decline is inevitable

imitation foreign trade industry to do the white hat Shanghai dragon


product infringement, domain name, Google recovery algorithm, these factors are affecting the industry, it.

To suppress the ?

gray hat Shanghai Longfeng strategy can adhere to

white hat Shanghai dragon takes more time and effort, and the cost will be greatly increased, at least need a complete Shanghai dragon team members include: Commissioner of the chain, the station editor, programmers, station optimization personnel. For English or other small language sites, site editors is the most difficult to recruit. It can buy a soft way, companies spend money to buy some products in a soft article, English estimated that they have more than ten dollars. If English site number, nature is not a small sum of money. Imitation goods trade needs are unique, highly seasonal, time the user purchases more concentrated, so if not a peak in the website traffic up to do, it is difficult to earn much money. Capital investment and profit, these two factors determine the imitation foreign trade is not suitable for the white hat Shanghai dragon.

gray hat Shanghai dragon is between white hat and black hat operating practices, imitation foreign trade station because of the need to obtain good keywords ranking in a short period of time, and therefore can not be in accordance with the formal method to the promotion of Shanghai dragon hat. But blindly use black hat cheating method does not work, the reason is the loss may be large. Methods the group chain and 301 qualitative common still have certain effect, but now feel the effect of these methods is not obvious. Although there may be a special case, but this type of speculation strategy is too big luck ingredient. Google has already identified those conventional methods to quickly improve website ranking, only to try other black hat tactics. But the risk will be greater, the site may be in the home for a few days, if you can not get orders, estimated that even domain name and server does not come back to earn money. Overall, the gray hat Shanghai dragon strategy has been eliminated.

How long

May 22nd, Google officially announced: Panda officially upgraded to 4, in addition to the Google PaydayLoan algorithm also upgrade to version 2, the core algorithm is the panda website content quality. The panda algorithm after the upgrade will continue to fight low quality and improve the quality of content closer to the page, the page, each upgrade algorithm will certainly be a big update. Whether or not the penguin panda algorithm for imitation foreign trade sites have a great impact, in order to win, the foreign trade site imitation content of poor quality, waste much the chain. Will Google algorithm after the upgrade of the disaster area, in fact, with this year Google algorithm change, this industry has already started to decline, but still want to seek survival in the crevice. But in order not to be eliminated, imitation of foreign trade company Shanghai dragon strategies may need to be changed, the key issue is that this change can make the company profitable.

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