two, Shanghai dragon artificial intervention.


Shanghai: love prompts you to buy train tickets, the railway ministry official ticketing channels only and telephone 95105105. Through unofficial channels, such as telephone, mobile phone and ATM 400 personal transfer tickets, may bring the property loss to you. Please be careful!

2, second times of intervention. Love Shanghai reminds you: Shanghai dragon is a very important work, please refer to the recommendations about love Shanghai Shanghai dragon.

the first and second positions directly occupy the remaining eight natural ranking results, but that people know the eight inside and how much is the love of Shanghai’s own products, there is no longer much.

love Shanghai to remind you: there is a risk of online shopping, please try to choose the regular well-known sites, such as the production of crude, as ultra cheap goods, fake copycat websites, may lead to the loss of your property. Please.


three, artificial intervention shopping keywords.


compared to the first time, Shanghai love to make a step, left home nine "natural ranking results", but the heart still turn undead, bent to the drainage to the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide".

, artificial


This page will

1 for the first time, intervention. Shanghai love reminds you: do not believe the Shanghai dragon’s theory and case, improper Shanghai dragon may pose a risk to your site, the webmaster of Shanghai Longfeng recommendations on the site before reading Official Guide to love Shanghai.


love Shanghai artificial intervention Shanghai Longfeng, caused a lot of stationmaster, Shanghai dragon Er outrage from the first high-profile direct "love Shanghai SEO Guide 2 official version of the" artificial to the home page, then use in "love Shanghai prompts you to" insert "love Shanghai" proposal of the dragon of Shanghai hyperlink, turn bending trick will search for the ten "natural ranking results in the home to nine of the way to let people gasp in admiration. In fact, before there is love Shanghai to seize the first artificial example, just the nature of the business was not strong. Following the analysis of the small Xiaobian know three "love Shanghai prompted", if there are omissions, welcome.

artificial because it involves a large number of false train ticket booking website in the home page, and for the love Shanghai promotion of public opinion to various pressures, love Shanghai direct labor top, and launched the reminder. This is likely to reduce the number of users being cheated, love Shanghai may also be inspired to start using the method of manual intervention in business industry.

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